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Rebirth Space connects the white stone gallery that was just unveiled, and you have good neighbors like HdM Gallery and CLCGallery


Rebirth Space connects the white stone gallery that was just unveiled, and you have good neighbors like HdM Gallery and CLCGallery. 

4 Jiuxianqiao, Xiangyang District, Beijing 798 Art Zone

On June 18, 2023, in the 798 Art Zone, a new gallery: Rebirth Space CYCLESPACE ushered in the opening of its first exhibition, "Youth Paradise - Case study Exhibition of Chinese New Painting (I)". Rebirth Space connects the white stone gallery that was just unveiled, and you have good neighbors like HdM Gallery and CLCGallery. This inaugural exhibition with the theme of "Happy Land" focuses on the exemplary cases of 11 artists and provides a comprehensive summary of the artists in the "Chinese New Painting" department.

A brand new gallery located on Qixing East Street in 798 Art District: YCLESPACE

Interior of YCLESPACE

CYCLESPACE: A New Space Different from Traditional Galleries

Rebirth Space is another new gallery that attracts attention after Baishi Gallery landed in Qixing East Street, 798 Art Zone.

As a brand new space, CYCLSPACE places emphasis on thematic research group oil painting reproductions exhibitions and the promotion of artist case studies. The organizer, Li Yalu, hinted that she will continuously implement a suitable positioning for her own space in future curations. This positioning will connect her experience and accumulated capital in the Secondary market for ten years, which will become the upper hand of her business space. The exhibition works will link with the collection of collectors, especially the group exhibition of Case study. Many representative works have entered the collection of private He Art Museum. In order to sort out the precise clue, some works will come from the Secondary market. For good artists, Yousheng Space will also launch carefully planned solo exhibitions and respond to market promotion.

On the day of the space unveiling, art market expert Gong Jisui; Gallery peers in the vast 798 Art Zone: Wang Xinyou, founder of Pianfeng Gallery, Jia Wei, partner of SPURSGallery, and Lv Jingwei, director of Beijing Commune; Art curator Zhu Tong; Gallery organizer Li Yalu's friends from the auction industry came to express their congratulations.

Gaopeng, many of them have friendships spanning over 10 years with Li Yalu.

On site of the unveiling exhibition "Youth Paradise" at YCLESPACE in Yousheng Space

Curator Zhu Tong and Li Yalu are friends who have known each other for many years. He shared with Yachang Art Network, "I have known Yalu for more than ten years. At that time, she was in charge of the 'New Painting' section at Poly, and I served as the curator for the 'China New Painting in the Post Financial Crisis' exhibition at Poly. Since then, we have established a good friendship

In Zhu Tong's view, in recent years, whether as a collector, expert, or broker, Li Yalu has made very good achievements. Now, she has joined the gallery industry and integrated her years of industry experience into this new miracle. The creation of rebirth space will custom oil painting bring new possibilities to the art ecology. Due to the fact that this new space is significantly different from the form of our traditional gallery, this type of form has its own concepts and propositions for the new generation of preservation.

On site of the unveiling exhibition "Youth Paradise" at the YCLESPACE of Yousheng Space

Ten years ago, Jia Wei and Li Yalu worked together at Poly, and now they both work at the first tier gallery. On the unveiling day, Jia Wei felt, "Although Yalu is a very young gallery organizer, she is a person with her own ideas and ideas, and her initiative is also super strong. The future growth of the space is waiting for people

Zhu Tong made up for: The unveiling of the first exhibition 'Youth Land' in Yousheng Space made my eyes shine, revealing a very comfortable feeling from her temperament. This stems from Yalu's choice of artists, which can be seen as her profound research and consideration of art. The thoughts displayed in the exhibition are very fond of me. We can see that in the exhibition, there are representative new painting artists such as Liu Ye, Chen Ke, Wei Jia, and Gao Yu, as well as chimney, Wen Ling, and Li Yi The rising stars of the younger generation, such as Jun and Wen Jue, demonstrate the continuation of the trend of new Chinese painting. A good gallery is a valuable place to invent the future, and it has achieved this since its opening and exhibition

'Land of Youth': Eleven Artists, Research on the Thoughts of New Painting

At the exhibition site, there are many artists represented by "new paintings" that we know. Their works reflect divergent 'selves' from diverse perspectives, forming the' paradise of youth 'in our hearts.

After compiling and inventing the CYCLE New Painting Research Case Series, the exhibition artists are divided into four stages, with Liu Ye's "Still Life" as the starting point for the research on the theme of the new painting's youth paradise after 2000; Cartoon generation: Chen Ke, Gao Yu, and Wei Jia as strong successors; The works of Wen Ling and Chimney show a deeper and organized influence of some illustrations and comics; The works of the latest generation of artists Zhao Liang, Yu Jie, Li Yijun, Wen Jue, and Toi show a trend of diversity, seeing the flourishing era of the paradise where all things are full of hand painted oil painting vitality.

On site of the unveiling exhibition "Youth Paradise" at the YCLESPACE of Yousheng Space

Left: Wei Jia's "Peugeot and Sorrow Are Small" oil painting on canvas 200x160cm 2005

Right: Liu Ye's "Still Life" oil painting on canvas 33.2x45.5cm2003

Liu Ye's work "Still Life" was created in 2003, and the iconic symbol in the painting is Miffy Rabbit. The light yellow color creates a warm and childlike atmosphere. Mifei Rabbit in the picture is like Liu Ye's Self-portrait, full of thick and muddy intentions. At first glance, Liu Ye's works may seem very happy, but the sadness hidden in his joy is the true expression in his heart. The wonderful thing about Liu Ye's works is that expressing sadness with seemingly happy images is more heartwarming than directly expressing sadness with sad images.

Right: Chen Ke's "Night Pearl" oil painting on canvas 130x150cm2007

Chen Ke's "Night Pearl" creates a serene and romantic atmosphere, with the little girl depicted in the painting having the artist's own shadow. Chen Ke said, "My paintings start from my own heart. These types of roles overlap, just like a writer wholesale oil painting writing themselves into a novel. But I don't really want to be constantly seen as a child who never grows up. I hope to break through and find new ways to express my inexhaustible development

On site of the unveiling exhibition "Youth Paradise" at the YCLESPACE of Yousheng Space

In Wei Jia's work "Peugeot and Sorrow Are Small", the image of a "teenager" in the painting is a spiritual reflection and reflection of the artist himself. When creating, Wei Sheng naturally incorporates his stance and imagination of facing the world into the image of his work, in order to express and express the various emotions and emotions of the artist in life.

Right: Gao Yu's "Gao Shi Tu" cloth surface acrylic 160.3x98.5cm2010

Gao Yu's "Gao Shi Tu" may seem full of elegant literary charm, but its images come from comics, illustrations in books, and cartoons that he has seen and heard from a young age. Regardless of the form of the depiction, it presents a natural paradise.

Left: Yu Jie's "Overture" Cloth acrylic 120x100cm2020

The unveiling exhibition of "Youth Land" by Yu Jie's works at the YCLESPACE exhibition in Yousheng Space

Yu Jie's paintings are based on artistic purity and reflect the current speech. We can always find comfort in her artistic creations. Her unique creativity unfolds symptoms, doubts, pain, and epiphany one by one, without self, object, or limit. In the ordinary landscape, we wander aimlessly, and human exploration of various unknown categories never stops. It is now necessary to redefine aesthetics to escape the emptiness of preserving will. Yu Jie has always been changing, her increasingly refined ideas are her breakthrough, and continuing sincere observation is her original intention.

Chimney "My High School" fabric acrylic 35x27cmx52015

The Lianhuanhua "My High School" of Chimney depicts the small and fragmentary time. Chimney enjoys using ballpoint pens, acrylic, collages, needle and thread, and low-tech digital painting tools to create. He freely uses various materials on various sizes and textures of paper and canvas to depict the people and things in his life, recording the real conversations in his life.

Wen Ling's "One of the Little Turtles Going Home" Cloth acrylic 200x200cm 2022

Wen Ling's works also bear the imprint of childhood. His intense familiarity with narrative works with double lines stems from his father's influence in drawing children's books and picture books. Although Wen Ling had rebelliously avoided the narrative in her works during her development, with the increase of spring and autumn, her familiarity with such narrative continued to increase. Just like the work "One of the Little Turtles Going Home" exhibited this time, it reports a humorous story.

Left: Zhao Liang's "Crafted Gem C" fabric paint 190x150cm2007

Right: Zhao Liang's "Artificial Small Flowers 2" fabric surface oil paint 190x150cm2008

Zhao Liang's works have a gentle color palette that puts viewers and artists on an equal footing, allowing them to easily exchange ideas with their works. Zhao Liangxi likes to use flesh and purple, gemstones green and red, and his works create a visual experience with warm colors and exquisite shape perception, making the works appear a gentle, clean and fresh visual expression.

The works on display this time include "Crafted Gem C" and "Artificial Flower 2", which are a series of works from its development era. The inspiration for the creation of 'Crafted Gem C' comes from the slogan 'Materials present the spirit'. In today's society, gemstones have been given a lot of meaning. However, in Zhao Liang's view, when a stone is sharpened into a gemstone, although it sparkles with charming colors, it also leaves scars of human cowardice and joking.

In the work "Artificial Flowers 2", Zhao Liang delicately portrays a natural beauty of emptiness, purity, and impurity. At the same time, he also raised a question: is the dirt and emptiness that this kind of self seeks in the heart, in reality, probably simple and powerful, or is it probably created by the vanity?

Left: Li Yijun's "Heart Beating" Cloth Face C Solid Oil Paint 60x120cm2023

Li Yijun's paintings may seem like vivid landscapes, but their images are all derived from real scenes. Many scenes in life are generated into new images through the process of extraction, combination, and reconstruction after the brain receives messages. In his eyes, the real scenery is not seeking swords in times of adversity, but rather attempting to recreate a landscape in his heart, breaking through the idea of becoming permanent immediately.

The unveiling exhibition of "Youth Land" at the YCLESPACE exhibition of Yousheng Space was presented at the exhibition site

The youngest artist on site is Ju Jue. He was born after 2000 and has a history of living and studying in the East and the East. His works also draw inspiration from Eastern and Eastern mythological stories, religion, and history.

Wen Jue's works showcase the bold texture and color. Observing the paintings of the Grand Priest on the sidelines is like a journey of decryption, and browsing the images of the works is like deciphering an encrypted version of the universe. In addition to the visual impact of the work, the name of the work often evokes the audience's curiosity. The names of these works are often very long, indicating both the work and its constituent parts.

Wen Jue's works differ from the general shaping of painting, which is the process of applying and stacking oil painting pigments. The iconic shield shape and thick overlapping oil paint on the screen make its works look similar to religious altars or alternative illusion paintings.

Ma Xiaomeng Toi's "Random Walk" Wooden Acrylic (Single Edition) 145x55x90cm2023

Ma Xiaomeng Toi is the only artist in this exhibition to create using a flat method. Her works are free rhythms, using powerful lines to bridge the passage of time and space. In Toi's works, the capture of sudden changes is presented through continuous segmentation of moving images. Everything in front of me is moving, and the visual memory of my resume is constantly developing in an overlapping form. They can walk from top to bottom on the overpass; The status change that street methods constantly generate in the eyes; It can also be a fixed pattern of the subject 'I' walking endlessly in the city. Starting from the immediate and close news, sketch the appearance of this world.



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