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the paintings look great. excellent work. please let me know the artist (s) name as i always give credit. you can count on me for more business for sure.

                    --- tom honey

wow,you artists did a great job, i cannot tell you how pleased i am with the way the painting turned out, it is beyond all of my expectations. the attention to detail and color is incredible, it is so realistic!

               ---  drew vandewart

                          more etc

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How to buy oil painting from us? 
Place order by mail: cn@goldappleart.com
If you would like to get a favorite painting what not been listed in our catalogue,please send images to
cn@goldappleart.com ,tell us the size,quality,quantity,we will send you quote and reply within 12 hours.thanks!
Why to buy oil painting from us?
►Competitive price,excellent quality ►We paint any images,sizes,creativity
►100% hand painted,never do print ►Fast delivery, worldwide shipping
►Refund & replacement guarantee   ►Talented artists, perfect after-sales

Family portrait,wedding portrait,children portrait,house portrait, pet portrait and etc from photos
Portrait painting by hand painted-step by step in images,you can know that how we to do the painting


Custom oil painting: we respect each customer's requirements.our artists have professional skills,the quality of the oil paintings can exceed customer expectations,the customer are very satisfied with our quality of paintings.You just need to tell us your ideas and creativity, we will can do perfect oil painting for you. If you are not satisfied with the paintings, we will correct the oil painting until you are satisfied with them.
 Portrait oil painting:
you just need to send us your photos by e-mail cn@goldappleart.com ,we will turn the photos into portrait oil paintings.our portrait painting include human portrait, house portrait, car portrait, pet portrait, children portrait, family portrait, women portrait, wedding portrait, older person portrait , famous person portrait , men portrait, landscape portrait, black/white portrait , impression Portrait , pop art portrait and etc.     
Let our professional portrait artists to do high quality 100% hand painted portrait paintings for you.we have painted the portrait for the British imperial family,European congressman,famous singers and some movie stars.
You can try to imagine,your family and friends, in their birthday or some special holidays,they will be very happy if they can get one portrait painting of their own.The portrait painting can be hung in the bedroom or living room,and the portrait can as a family treasure be handed down from generation to generation,and the portrait painting does not need the expensive price.
Oil painting reproductions: we have many experience artists.our artists are good at copy all kinds of famous paintings,they can paint the color and shape very accurately.our oil paintings are high-value and high quality for our each customers.the subjects of handmade oil painting reproductions include abstract painting ,animal, ballet, boat and sea, flower painting, classical people, fruit, mediterranean, impression flower,sailing boat, impression people, landscape painting, nude painting, ornament painting, building ,porcelain, wild animals,poultry and bird, realism flower, still life, the shop, Venice, wine bottle etc.

The pictures in our website is the photos from real oil painting.our artists will paint the paintings according to photos,pictures or ideas that you offer.we will do our best effort to do your every painting.we believed deeply that you will love our oil paintings.
Original oil painting: our creative painters are university professors,their energy and creativity is strong,their oil painting works have very high collection value,they have a lot of oil painting works were collected by foreign collectors and art museum.our creative painters have various rich imaginations and creativity.our painters may according to the picture and the idea which you provide to create the unique oil painting.
Antique oil painting:if you are an antique dealer or collector,we will offer excellent antique paintings for you.

Our field: produce and wholesale high quality hand painted oil paintings. Gold Apple Art created in 1999, we are the oil painting production-oriented enterprises.we are a professional hand painted oil paintings manufacturer from china.we have own oil painting factory,there have set up dozens of specialized studios under the factory.we produce and wholesale all kinds of hand painted oil painting reproductions,wholesale portrait oil paintings,original oil paintings,antique oil painting and the other oil painting subject.these oil paintings were made purely by hand by our outstanding painter.all oil paintings are museum quality.we have more than 50000 paintings storage. from picture/photo/image/idea to oil painting,we will do a good job for you.

Our goal: �changes products, the same quality? it is our goal forever.the oil paintings are pure by hand painted. in technological innovation field,we will continue to develop high quality and low cost hand painted oil painting in the international emerging markets.

Our price: create high-value for our each customer.in international oil painting market,we compare with other oil painting supplier,the price that our oil painting is cheaper.as a professional hand painted oil painting supplier,we have been continuous efforts to reduce our costs to improve our market competitiveness.therefore,our customers can use very cheap price to buy very good quality oil painting, if you get a lower price from other oil painting suppliers,please let us know.

Our quality: the quality of our hand painted oil painting is superb.we supply good hand painted oil painting for you.our best artists to do oil painting.you can see the quality of our oil painting from oil painting catalogue.The style of oil painting have realism,abstract,ornament,modern,classical,impression and etc.we use the best oil materials to paint the oil painting.these oil paintings can be painted on wood board,on canvas board,on masonite board,on linen,on canvas,on paper and another many materials.   

Professional oil painting art reproductions supplier,We will do our best for each customer

Museum quality oil painting reproductions,portrait painting ,hand painted oil painting art

We specialized in wholesale oil painting for many years,Wholesale handmade oil paintings

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us cn@goldappleart.com

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