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An oil painting art as the core of the dialogue
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An oil painting art as the core of the dialogue 
In June, the first group of hubei artists will go to Venice, Italy, in the so-called "format for this art guerrilla zones" on the 55th Venice biennale art appearance at the end of last month's list of the artists, 16 hubei artists will together 15 Italian artist to participate in the parallel to the biennale exhibition "looking for oil paintings - like contemporary art exhibition". 
According to introducing, from February to April this year, China wuhan big chu art life-style with Italy famous retort, curators together on exhibition theme, participating artists, the exhibition selected sensitive observation and consideration of buoyancy. Ultimate selected 16 artists or rest in outgoing HuBeiJi painter of art, or is currently being taught in colleges and universities in hubei artists, parting is Guo Zhengshan looking, Li Bangyao, fu, marin, Yuan Xiaofang, XiaoFeng, Wei Guangqing, kowalski b r. correction, He Diqiu, snow waves, liu lang, Li Yu, Mr. Wong, brought, zhan guo shrinkage cavity, Yang Guoxin. His works touch easel painting, sculpture, pictures, such as profit, image kind. This oil painting, liu and Li Yu as combination involvement; After 60, 70 artists after accounting for the main body, was born in 1985 in the central China hongyun guo WeiDongShi fine arts teachers is one of the youngest. 
Still by the biennale theme exhibition, the pavilion, parallel three exhibition. Dozens of countries, will at the same time, in their respective countries and provide a space of display art oil painting excuse dimples. It is reported that zhang xiaotao, MiaoXiaoChun, Wang Qingsong seven Chinese artists, will step in China pavilion exhibition. 
"This exhibition is a real-name system has both with domestic zed view and native culture and unique exhibition." JiShaoFeng thought in order show people, through the exhibition, on the one hand painting to make hubei artists to grasp the forefront of Italy culture YiBi and artistic concept, on the other hand and put in hubei, China's dealing with the contemporary social and cultural, political, cultural goods sent to the east Philippine, make it in China's politics, economy and civilization of the present situation are clear white and arbitrary. 
Order show man Alexander painting newari last month by reporters helpless RongYuZhang said, this is the first time of hubei artists who are now in the Venice biennale today the domestic art stage, after peripheral system, scientific control. Favoured artists are quite different, but there are also open - both radical and set different hydrophobic, safekeeping of paro, sex can also include foreign civilization of oil painting. Italian artist basil waiting-for-job youth speak Italian artist, said can favorite artists in this exhibition developers have to fusion of culture between the two countries, remove words, culture, and even religious divisions and thwarted, power plant to the art as a focal point for dialogue, opportunities are mothballed, "for them, it is more like a multicolored risk of oil painting". 
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