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Xiaorong Wang-Artists Introduce-Good at landscape painting
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Xiaorong Wang

Xiaorong Wang, born in 1978 in Wenzhou city, Zhejiang Province.  he is our full-time painter, she is good at  landscape painting. Her paintings is popular in the world .
The 1997 childhood song "to participate in the second session of the China Still Life Oil Painting Exhibition, incorporated into the" Second Still Life Oil Painting Set;
2001 works. "Wong Fung" I love China "contest winners;
Three personal exhibitions held in the United States, 2002-2004;
2006 work "prayer" was "landscape style" National Small Oil Awards incorporated into the style "landscape, National Small Oil Paintings Portfolio;
2007 selected the national spirit of the times portraits exhibition incorporated into the "spirit of the times and the National Portrait Oil Painting Exhibition Portfolio;
2008 works "dust" opt-in "Art Grand View" published inside front cover;
2009-2012 devote themselves to creation, not to participate in any exhibition and awards event. This period created many outstanding works: "Symphony of Destiny", "pray", "Left", "Friends", "financial", "office worker", "Naruto", "water", "fire", "line" , "v.", "know the horse," cottage music lessons, etc.;
Her some art works:


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