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Nude painting-Fang Weiguo,Fang Shicong-two artists
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Nude painting-Fang Weiguo and Fang Shicong-our two artists

Fang Shicong national MeiZhuan oil painting department of Shanghai in 1965, and 1975 ren, director of the Shanghai theater academy of fine arts oil painting teaching and research section. Good at figures and portrait, swift capture different emotion and characteristics of the characters, eulogizing life, reveals the human nature. Color is rich, full of passion. Living abroad in 1987, the art exploration gradually towards the east rhyme and human nature of the universe life "series, in Europe and the United States and other countries held exhibitions for many times, 30 in France has been hailed as the Mesozoic after Mr Zhao mo pole, zhu dequn outstanding painter. 2000 invited to hold "Fang Shicong exhibition" exhibition hall in Shanghai art gallery. His oil painting in France, the United States special award and supreme judge award many times. In 2004 by French martell as "person of the special art". In recent years, his paintings have been Britain's prince Charles, prince Albert, Monaco, France arles fang, dude Zhang Chongren memorial museum, Shanghai art collectors at home and abroad. Archives of Shanghai in 2008 was invited to the ice and fire - Fang Shicong art exhibition of life literature ", and create a mental image art salon, to promote contemporary Chinese literati paintings.

Fang Weiguo, play zen, born in 1965 in nanchang of jiangxi province; 1988 graduated from the fine arts department of Shanghai theater academy stage; Currently he is member of Chinese national drama institute of fine arts designers.


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