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The artist said realism portraits have not sense
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The artist said realism portraits have not sense 
This year, a picture of queen Elizabeth ii portrait oil painting in buried after 60 years, finally meet with the public, and the cause of the clash because the neck is too long, some think like aliens; 60 years later, the queen's grandson's wife Kate princess's official portrait also pays attention to realistic because the princess looked very old, a string of criticism and accusation. 
The combined positive and negative information is curiously, portrait right and wrong, exactly? Realistic portrait is to pursue perfection on earth? Still want to pursue artists understanding and interpretation of the character, emotional? 
I once interviewed a very senior art collector, it is worth mentioning that in his office, half a wall on the wall hangs a portrait of a lot of and no background environment, only live him, like a real person, vividly in oil painting, even more than myself also look good. 
Collectors like this picture very much, he said, particularly grateful to the author of this picture, it is a have never seen the artist, with only a piece of his aides in the exhibition of photos and paintings. 
It is my understanding of "portrait" most early - characters. 
March 4 to 30, "face to face - Dutch portrait and interior painting" in today art museum in Beijing. Exhibition Chen, Mao Yan, Jan Worst, Philip Akkerman four Dutch artist's work, again to present the history of art in a classic portrait theme. Chen danqing, Mao Yan portrait work is completely broke my understanding of the portraits. 
Shang Yu: portrait is figure painting, figure painting is not necessarily the portrait 
Shang Yu, after 80 artists, started painting from 4 years old, graduated from sichuan academy of fine arts painting department, now at the top of the blue young artist village has its own studio, with "of" as the theme, he created a number of portraits of personal style. "I like this portrait painting spirit temperament is very interested in things." Shang Yu said. 
Specially studied portrait Shang Yu thinks, from the more general oil painting sense, the portrait is definitely figure painting, figure painting is not necessarily a portrait. Portrait on the basis of figure painting, have a certain limit - the portrait must draw is a particular object, starting from a real person, to spread out the artist personal subjective feeling. "The most simple words, who he is, even if it is a picture of contemporary abstract art, as long as the definition from the Angle of the portrait, it must determine the painting of the individual, or group. This is the most important feature of portrait." Shang Yu, says a lot about ancient portraits of the duke guan, the doors, there seems to be a portrait, but is definitely not. It is just a symbol. 
Also, realistic oil painting is not necessarily the portraits, portraits in European museums of many Kings and emperors, is created in a no camera s, people can draw very realistic, and sometimes even find a model to play, give it a symbol of naming, who he is. These are "has the characteristics of portraits of figure painting", rather than portrait. 
Shang Yu personal portraits, exclusive footage of pure realism and narrative composition, but will "fall to a point of" painting, people choose relatively arbitrary, what is not important, subject matter is not important, more important how to draw. Put more attention on how to express characters. 
"" of" is my aesthetic ideal, leng yan, charm and understand thoroughly clean, like the sees of the moon. The portrait is but a point object. So what picture object is not important, important is how to draw?? How to performance, if with the least amount of words can sum up my ideas hope is' sharp '. The word "sharp" in my opinion should be belong to spirit temperament, in the aesthetic it almost no use, must be very few and simple in terms of form, at least on the constitute structure should be." Shang Yu said. 
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