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elder brother´s vulgar oil painting see concubine this life can´t fill to report
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After the seizure of the lake, people referred to it as "jingniang lake", and zhao kuangyin sent the mother to her home for a long time, and he was obliged to marry him to his wife. But zhao yue: "the road is not to be disaffected by the help is to be righteous, a thousand miles of escort is for the feeling, the mind is a person's personality, the shi ntu newspaper oil painting is not a small person to do." Zhao really has the love to the jing niang, but at this time in his life trough, in imperial kaifeng from playing with, make the imperial, angered the han emperor, take him out, had to take refuge ends of the earth. He was afraid of the little girl, so he said that he would come together in the future. Jing niang way: "the elder brother's vulgar oil painting see, concubine this life can't fill to report a big day, caograin of grain of grain ring knot grass." Zhao also clench not, later in the future the jing niang is in the suspicion of the brother and sister-in-law, say that the longhand note, the thousands of thousands of thousands of the same? Jing niang after listening to write down the rising in the wall: "day FuGongYan don't meet, being bullied by person. Tonight die reward childe, each painting QingMing owl", then hanging him. Zhao guangyin after all the world, sent a person to visit jing niang, learned that this way through the feeling of infection for a long time, and the jingniang is the "zhenyi lady". This experience has been handed down to scroll, and the twentieth story of the Ming dynasty novelist feng menglong is the story. There are many versions of this story, which can be attributed to a variety of operas.
This is a confetti's croquet (see photo). It's 20 centimeters high. Originally this bottle in Antwerp, Belgium an old collection, preservation, domestic porcelain preservation Wu Peicun this bottle as soon as possible for more than 20 years, the old house of preservation bad oil paintings in the three years to the world, his wife just very reluctantly give up what one favours to transfer this bottle. This kangxi croquet bottle is not only sophisticated, it is rich in color, it is a first-class painter, drawing a witness of the beauty of the beauty of a beard riding on a variety of horses, the memory of a glance like a glance. A man armed with a stick to protect his back, the wusheng is a Confucian school, and the oil painting reproductions is closely followed by the horse. Here are the mountains, and witnesses like the Japanese rise... The character's screen is not only invisible, but also has a number of voice. What is macro? What is a story? This bottle is the macro structure, this painting is the story.
The pattern of this bottle is "song taizu of the song dynasty." Jing niang's surname zhao, shanxi yongji oil painting person, the year fang is 17 years old, with the father go to qu Yang xiang to wish to wish the misfortune to be robbed by the green forest, "the big family" the corruption of the inside of the temple will be imprisoned in the temple to be the lady. Luckily, zhao kuangyin pulled the knife to help, squeezed the able man to rescue the mother, and escorted home a thousand miles. Together, zhao kuangyin has a love affair with jing niang, passing through the oil painting of wu 'an jingniang, she is dressed in a costume, and tells zhao kuangyin the love. Zhao kuangyin hesitating to fill his mind, he politely declined, but only with interest-free loan. As a result, a round of xiangyang, zhao kuangyin wrote the wall of "the day of the yong" : "to get out of the hot tart, mountains and mountains like the fire. The moment to the sky, but the remnant star to drive the oil painting month.oil painting

Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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