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there was a variety of different kinds of weighing machines in the oil painting reproductions world
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The rule of law in qin dynasty was started by shang Yang's reform. Under the change of filial piety and strongly in favor of blood, shang Yang successively as long ZuoShu, liang made xuan presided over the two political reform, which backed the trainer balanced with "Qin Tian two hundred and forty steps (measured steps) as the mu", increased to 1.4 times the big mu system gives oil painting field. He also built a liter of copper, although the efficiency of a single measuring instrument, the inscriptions have received the first data of the compass, the measuring instrument, the weight of the power must guide, and as the country scaler of the various places.
In 221 BC, the qin dynasty against the six countries, qin turns into many dissenting Confucian, but worth of its inception, the national strength decline of oil paintings, public opinion will extraction, backward, to launch aggressive hedonism New Deal go all out, need to Ann concubines. Therefore, ying zheng connected several edics, "the world bureau", "row with lun", unified the whole process, and created small zhuan, official script. At that time, there was a variety of different kinds of weighing machines in the oil painting reproductions world, and there was a variety of titles, such as the number of units and the number of units, and the number of different oil paintings. The rate of the import was "every kind of war", so that the market and trade activities were not in accordance with the rules. Qin shi huang has a number of moves, and immediate and growing.
-- to issue the antitrustor balance letter. The first emperor zhao said, "26 years... All Ming dynasty (see copper dendrobium broking)." The 40-word oil painting was issued to governments at all levels with bamboo slips, sheepskin and standard inscriptions, and carved stone stalls everywhere.
-- create and reveal the anti-proposal scale standard. According to "labor law", "warehouse law", "the effect law of" records, and to fight after the letter, a letter to the right (swept through ancient books cataloguing and the known things, 110 cases of oil painting), qin specification is inscription quantity, cautionary tale, application, guide to build institutions, or official name, recorded with manure lords skill enacted. The amount of copper is mostly oval, with a value of 1/2 bucket, 1/3 bucket and 1/4 bucket; The quantity of pottery is round, the mouth is slightly more than the mouth, half bucket and one bucket, the large quantity of pottery is a dendrobiao, 10 oil paintings 0 litres, side has a grip; In addition to the small Angle of 202.15ml, "shang Yang fang sheng", the moral "yan shi fang sheng" is presented below, which can be measured at a steady level of 1000 grams. However, the copper dendrobidendrobim mentioned in the ancient books is unique "yan's copper dendrobius", which can be custom oil painting measured with a measured weight of 23 kg. The qin power is a series of shapes of the horizon, the hemispheres and the melon edges, with the value of the stone (120 jins), all of them (30 jins), 24 jin, 16 jin, 9 jin, 8 jin, 5 jin, 1 jin and half a half. The qin power is used for weight, the two ends of the tiiyuju, one end of the weight, the other side weigh, the balance is accurate.
To match the oil painting passes the road
-- the balance of inevitable opposition. Langya stone inscription: "institute of engineering, calligraphy in calligraphy". "The work law of qin and Jane" is also uploaded: "for the object of the device, its size, its advantages and disadvantages, and its wide range will be equal." "Chinese history of measurement for this map" of the contemporary Chinese draft measure oil painting value table is revealed, the qin ruler, rose, catty 23.1 cm don't clutch, 200 ml and 253 grams, allowance factor also have accurate data, including the tired for 253 + 2 g/kg (also said there are 250 + 2 g/kg).
Pasta ceaseless reform plan, make the subservient to the qin XiChui oil painting from an out-of-the-way place small, together "" the spring and autumn period and the five bully", "warring states seven male" bold, after all in the hands of the king of qin ying zheng has completed the commendatory word of six things ou shape. In a number of changes in the political and simple labor, the opposites are not only the national conditions, but also the public opinion, the most prestigious and influential oil painting.oil painting

Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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