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anniversary of celebration oil painting Gardner spring sales in Hong Kong
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Chinese art milk name auction again to add "bare hands"
Guangdong is about to seal off the content of the spring, as well as the sale of chongzheng, which will bring the lingnan ballet to the top of the 6. Faith in the spring auction 2017 designer canvas June 11, 768 in guangzhou huacheng mandarin huacheng spatiality pavilion for the hammer, the, Gao Jianfu disorder coral stone flower, shu-jen Chen hairiness vine figure, Fang Rending "ji kang" is worth as soon as possible. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the auction will also have a "euhao year painting" special field, which is almost small, which can be used to take pictures of the ohao years.
The two racquet fields bring about 2000 pieces of fabric
Hong Kong's four big people have seen signs of "warming up"
It is worth mentioning that "nine cane bookstore to hide the old couple oil painting" in the first four times "with" special performance are lost and oil painting again, this time also has become the industry one of the focus of the debate, whether before the domain in the bold, in sit. Among them, a series of "a thousand years and so on" and "the crane of the crane" have become a serious kidney stone play. In addition, there are also Xu Bangda's character poetry, Li Keran painting guilin annotation, the number of "black", Huang Zhou panting a frontier subject, the plum blossom, Xie Zhiliu Qian Song rock painting of flowers and albums, the flavor of flowers and birds albums, etc.
Liang zhiqin, reporter of the magazine
From the current scene of the Hong Kong region's spring shooting environment, it seems likely that the market of oil paintings will be picked up by the market. Sotheby's Hong Kong spring sales than forecast across more than 700 million Hong Kong dollars, poly, Christie's overweight, Gardner assembly to attendance last year  number was flat, but in all your special auction has the good grades. Asian collectors are starting to focus on western disaster products, and western oil painters are paying attention to the Chinese players, breaking the scale of the cardboard ground and showing good market signs.
In this regard, the famous collector luo li flashed: "market mediation has been sent to the word collection, which has highlighted the value of the ink and jade of the works of guan liang, and the period of the expression of the works has come."
Oil painting
In 2017, sotheby's spring sales in Hong Kong fetched hk $3.17 billion. Chinese magnetic and calligraphy categories are outstanding. The spring shooting co-created 13 condor records, eight "empty-handed sets", five works committee auction records. The auction of Hong Kong's 5th anniversary auction of Hong Kong in 2017, with total oil painting turnover of hk $12.45 billion. The three pieces were sold for over 100 million yuan, with 21 pieces being sold in total, which was supposed to be the fifth anniversary of the celebration.oil painting reproductions Gardner spring sales in Hong Kong 5 schedule 30 sets in the Hong Kong JW marriott old saying 3 floor with a hammer at the end of the auction covers four main themes, leaving for China ancient painting and calligraphy and painting and calligraphy, government and enterprises nearly Asia in the twentieth century and ancient stationeries, magnetic singing and classical Ming and qing dynasties doubled. After 2 days, China's jiade Hong Kong's spring 2017 spring shooting will be the ultimate in hk $3.2607 million. 2017 Christie's Hong Kong spring auction ends with a hammer at 31 sunsets. 6 oil painting location, 16 special field, total transaction amount of hk $2.45 billion.
And the highest transaction price is the "flying sky map", which is a huge hit, with 28 million yuan, and the ultimate 38 million yuan. And another zhang daqian "water jade qian kun" the oil painting hammer of 16 million yuan. The rest, Ms. Fu's small work, "Mrs. Xiang", also came down with 5.5 million yuan.
It is worth mentioning that nearly 400 pieces of Chinese calligraphy and painting set up four special complete turnover of more than 378 million yuan, this, special "giants - China near the UN general assembly, calligraphy and painting" sell-through rate 90%, the volume of $230 million oil painting; "The enthusiasm of yuanbao - huang qing new collection guan liang works", 42 pieces of guan liang's works sold 100%, lost the red gloves, and the total transaction amount was 35.45 million yuan. Since I was a child, the turnover rate has increased, and the six pieces have been sold for more than $10,000.
And contemporary oil painting · edition custom oil painting and painting · the total transaction amount of sculpture is more than 26 million yuan. In this case, the "yuyuan garden", a series of photos, took the title of "yu yuan garden" for nearly $8.6 million.
After the event, the lingnan bank market will have another big auction. "Emperor held interest the 10th anniversary of the big sale" will lift the hammer control oil painting from 7 from 23, in the last year, the support of "the light of the central plains -- zhi-guang Yang special skilled men and women remember" banquet for lingnan shady market a "white gloves. This year's bill of efficacy is worth waiting for.
With the closing of the Chinese art, it also means that the spring shooting of the oil painting in the lingnan bull-house is officially launched. With a turnover of 550 million yuan, six thousands of thousands of works, and a "empty suit", it is true that the market of the lingnan mountain river in 2017 has brought a lot of success. In the distance as the guangzhou market's present situation analysis and serenade study report, the top Fang Gupin value also on the rise, profit of censhen's paintings ridge period market gradually transformed into real investment, preserve the market. The renowned collector luo lifire on this spring auction gave a desperate color: "market mediation has been sent out before someone goes to tenon to preserve, the period of the words of the work arrives."
However, in the auction trailer, the "the masonry of the brick factory", the "huangqing new treasure of the painting", the "huangqing new collection of the works", has not yet been seen, and 42 pieces have been sold out. From the first collection of "flowers and flowers" of the special field, "flowers and flowers", with a victory of 1.25 million yuan, the magnetic pole of the time was soon hot, and the day of the day was between 100,000 and 1 million yuan. And the no.208 lot, the "lung artery oil painting drunk", won the award, with 2.5 million yuan of fruit and vegetables on the mallet, and the work broke through two million yuan. This value does not adhere to the longshan culture the self-control, until the end of the the special performance with a lots of "book of hyperbole drunk write pretty figure", ushered in the boom, gradually break through 2 million yuan from 1 million yuan, when the dash 3 million yuan, after the big oil painting off TuiWanZi rapidly climbing then, after a few times repeatedly see-saw, ultimate hammer to 6.9 million yuan, for the special picture.
Selection on the other side, a total of more than 1200 items, special points and 12 of the last Ming chongzen guangdong in the spring of 2017 the auction is scheduled to late 6 oil painting snuff 1 4, 2017-15, held in guangzhou dong fang hotel, among them, the "lingnan, double brake Li Xiongcai guanshan information highway, the high-quality goods" and "nine cane random hidden sufferings painting (Ⅴ)" two special skill for the hammer on the evening of 13th June, the remaining nine special tattoo on 15th June auction.
Last week oil painting, guangzhou hua yi the bird 2017 spring auctions a successful collection of officials. Huayi of collecting about Chinese painting and calligraphy, ancient youth season, antique curios, jewelry, watches and clocks, pearl of true Tibetan five major disadvantages ten big special more than 1200 lots, completed more than 550 million yuan of total turnover, up ten percent from a year earlier.
This spring oil painting south 6 pieces of the pieces sold for 10,000 yuan
Being given "red gloves" is the auctioneer's highest honor, which means that an auction house has a 100% turnover rate, representing the highest level of admission to an auctioneer.
Lingnan auction 6
Oil painting as the guangzhou vows product markets are integrated with roast sheep research report, top luxury goods also rose in value, usually works not only only is falling textbooks but also on the shelf, proved that physical therapy products market gradually to the text, from the peak time period of congenial market gradually turned into real investment, the collection market.
Oil painting
An empty hand set
This spring lingnan market welcomes the opening of the red, the reproduction of "red gloves"; Experts disappointed:
Other collections of agriculture, has always been highly memory of the old farmer items as soon as possible the 7/8 century Silver inlaid copper lotus hand red chips (copper) wrong, more than 1035 valuation Wan Yuanchao clinch a deal, special oil painting became the crown.
An exclamation point.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.
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