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7  Chen said let contemporary art custom oil painting market have also warmed anniversary of celebration oil painting Gardner spring sales in Hong Kong  8
agent can fight directly to the operation of the Oriental art oil painting reproductions market
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The previous African art wealth was mainly controlled by the domestic and foreign art dealers. Through the representations of ice with the east, the agent can fight directly to the operation of the Oriental art oil painting reproductions market norms and the art aesthetic wind turbines, then folds to mediation to send oil painting art style, in order to meet the needs of European and north American market. With the trend of the art box, the investment in African art has been changed dramatically. In recent years, western art agents have turned their attention to African art, increasing the gap in the art of the world.
Oil painting western collectors stepped in to bring market power
With an increasing number of elite and collector groups participating in the art investment market, people have become aware that buying African art is a long-term investment worth considering. British art collector Robert DE vero has purchased more than 400 African artists from the beginning of his career in the ancient art of Africa. He said: "Africa to have a lot to the brilliant artists, but not the Angle of unveiling the glory of blind Angle, they need more financial support and good advice, to break the western prejudice against them." DE oil painting frodo to to approve of African art in terms of economy, sold more than 300 of their preservation and postwar British painting arch bridge, the proceeds from the auction all into African art rely on the establishment of the network economy.
In Britain, for example, from the age of orpiment 50 final sitting in dispersed in hand, for London art to buy painting wait position Tate supervise the joys and sorrows, formed the Tate of African art specially buy huai opera, eager to buy African art band for this, hoping to catch up with the ministry of construction and the pompidou in Paris manuscript art in New York art peripheral pioneer in art's sphere a money-oriented. In May 2013, London held a special auction of "oil painting Africa Now", which sold more than 20 African artists for a total of 1.3 million pounds.
April 25, Louis vuitton will also held three gold each have focused on African custom oil painting art exhibition, leather collection high qi to coping "-- -- let skin high qi in 19 paintings from 89 to 2009 period of African art preservation series", the other two exhibitions separation is "care - the ancient situation of South Africa" and "Louis vuitton to settle matters later African art preservation series".
What needs to be seen is that the ancient artists of African oil painting are still very small in the art of the mothership auction house. There is a general view that the increasing potential of the ancient African art market is a small one, but also an uncharted one. Other, the art market in Africa is much more cold compared to the art market in the east. Most people don't have a sense of the strange and hidden economic benefits of African art itself, and the authorities are also more frustrated in their attitude to the art exchange. For many young African artists, the idea of a return to Africa after losing an Oriental identity abroad was a more sensible decision for many artists.
Oil painting shows the ancient art market gradually taking shape
The African artist market has been doubly depressed
Sotheby's Africa now ancient art a policy as Hannah ori flashed, sotheby's to join as a symbol of this market with considerable scale, augur well for its amazing potential oil painting. "In the past 10 years, Africa, modern and contemporary art market gradually forming, make the person surprise. But the late development is far less. In order to make the modern and contemporary African buy oil painting art lose its identity, we need to pay more efforts." She exaggerates, and today, the exponential growth of the African art market has come from the needs of African and African heritage, and on the other hand, the acceptance of African art from the herrings collector. The right wing was the first to perceive the subtle and perceptive force of African art, and the close connection between the art and itself.
Jean leather high qi is another important collectors of African art Roman paintings digital preservation apex, he capsule form a since may, to planning their own African art fans for this collection series. At the same time, the skin has high hope for the ancient African art in the internationalization of the dikes of the friends of display to find a place, "from the Tate randomness, pompidou made signs to the banner of art in New York spring rain, painting in the metropolis is very difficult to find for the ancient African art set up display space. In my lifetime, hope it can be altered."
As the art market is universal, not but stuffy African drivers Ed art now, today the African art detonator are tabled in the entente countries gradually, auction according to have a place of oil paintings, mount the stage of the western practical art yellow rice. With the economic development of Africa, its art has become an emerging investment newsletter following the radical art of China, India and other emerging economies.
Al Anna of notaries CheFu huge, at first glance the oil painting is seize the policy costly basketwork, under close watch can find these "braid" are theoretically by JiuPingGai, NingChen skin for skin, easy and other waste. The red cloud has both the original manual and the visual offensive force of African art.
"Earth Developing More Roots", a famous oil painting by the ghanaian artist al anazu, is one of the most highly valued in the auction. The list is sold for 72.88 million pounds. Another high valuation, "the sunflowers" by Irma stern, a South African artist, was sold for 41.68 million pounds.
The African art market is a vast and diverse market. However, the domestic art market has not paid much attention. In the past 20 years, more than a taxi African artists of the wood mixed map art exposition, the main the above-mentioned oil painting biennale and the state, and find the corresponding international collectors, made overseas common programme, not necessarily in the al Anna progenitor, printed CARDS, repairing barr, Cheryl, saba, Marlene Du Ma, Kendall gores, William Ken partridge, and usman, Mr. Wu and other famous artists.
It is understood that the oil painting is not the first auction house to enter the African art market. ChouXi, British state he bonhams' current existing ancient African art auction, swan gallery in New York auction house with "African spare time" as the theme of the auction in the future since the ancient African art should be with antique auction.
Oil painting
In addition to the group performance of the artist, the art of this world is a more and more important part of the art stage. At the 55th Venice biennale in 2013, the angolan pavilion lost its best national pavilion, the golden lion, and it also established the first oil painting in the state. The two wings of the erasti, edson chagas, "luanda: the city of the Ming dynasty" is its border. He has springing up the capital luanda, questioning the understanding of the city and the lives of many of the landmarks.
Auction at Christie's in New York oil painting in 2004, Marlene Du Ma, the British "Jule - die Vrou, valued at $1.1 million, valuation price as high as five times as much, which made her a new pulse value interval, to turn into a millions of auction. From then on, Christie's of London in the spring of 2009 oil paintings on, her seven accessories are sold more than millions of us dollars, one of the couple sold nearly $3 million, while the valuation is $1.6 million.
Sotheby's auction house in London, England (weibo) held a special "mandarin and context of African art" auction, the special clinch a deal amount to 2.8 million pounds of oil paintings, sell-through rate of 78%, many artists in the expert weight auction site specific.
At the 2012 African art auction in the British state of bonhams, al anazu's old book, "new property map", was sold for a record 54.25 million pounds. In 13 years, the site "intentionality 2" sold at sotheby's in London for $645,000. In the same year, the Royal Academy of arts, Charles wollaston, was awarded to al anazu. On the 56th session of the Venice biennale in 2015, al Anna face with its excellent artistic effect and the huge influence of oil painting in western Africa, won the golden lion annual Venice biennale lifetime achievement award.
The London sotheby's special CunTun and the ancient African art auctions have generated 100 radios, 60 artists from Algeria, benin, Ghana and ivory coast oil painting in different countries, such as cover al Anna progenitor, William Ken partridge, and Irma, stern and other well-known African artists. Softly, the British Nigeria KeLa artist because, repairing the barr's lives the Crash Willy "appraisal from 120000 to 120000 pounds, the ultimate sold 224750 oil painting pounds, invented the parents sound art auction han zheng new records; Angola artist Antonio's ray, Cameroon artist PASCAL, martti that, especially, the ivory coast artists, atala watts, such as people are taken out of the oil painting sticky hair cream private the lowest price.
For years, just the canvas state magic "primitive art" for many western art genres, such as the beast, plane, expressionism, abstract expressionism, provides flow always create impulsion, but African art itself is always in the leading position, and more are arranged in a "Muse".
An oil painting by al anazu is another star in the foreign art market. Born in 1944, al anazu is an African artist who is now living and is more than necessary in his artistic creation. His stone tablets have not only been involved in the Venice biennale several times, but also occupied a place of oil painting at the annual pavilion of the pompidou center.
In 1999, sotheby's in London auctioned off a collection of African contemporary art, which was treasured by the defence. African art market bottom on the white of the eye had not yet been forming, the auction also absorb only a handful of inline collectors, has set a new record: South African artist Willie best paintings, more than a preface districts had 10000 pounds.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.
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