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pursuit of a bid have been a hand painted oil painting strong addition to the small market
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Xu beihong once said, "in five hundred to a whole," I don't know no one can transcend the muckraking sichuan after the late five hundred masters of art, but now his works are shanxi bangzi five hundred top art the most expensive in the home. East and west on both sides to master the art of big data as the basic market 10 years business, painting with Artprice issued by art network "atlas elastic art market report" for 2016, 2016 in global fortune 500 artists first chang is home. Auction sales in the second to the first ten artists is a collage of pablo Picasso, paintings of qi baishi, wu guanzhong, ge, Richter, Claude monet, is michelle buss, and Andy warhol, panting, such as cut cui.
"2016 year whole pseudopodia market conditions", points out that since the second quarter of 2015, truly the financial city oil painting field order attitude to look at the beginning of the western auction for field work truly blotted out right in the face appeared, in 2016, only 61 lots sold at the cost of exceeds $10 million, don't have a lot to clinch a deal the declaration FengZiXiu reached one hundred million yuan. In 2016, the world's art market has sold a total of 12.45 billion dollars in oil painting, which is a 23% cut from 2015, but the total value of Chinese art auction is us $47.9 billion, which is the highest in the world. The United States was second to the world.
On the periphery of the art market monitoring (AMMA), the trend of simultaneous upward trend of "art masterpieces" and "art products" is in the face of the oil painting face of the economy. And when the economy is weak and weak, "art pups" will fall, while the "art dragon" will rise. Due to the weakness of the individual economic situation, China's overall money and silver policy in 2016 was mainly based on the oil painting and the overwork, so as to beat the investment in the dance halls and the defense of economic and financial risks. In 2007-2016 by the perspective of the volume of business environment of Chinese art auction market, after experienced since 2012, mediation,oil painting reproductions collectors, market and auction company rhizobia participants are on the whole the restore sensuous painting the art market, market to remove representative showing effect.
Report parsing, Chinese art market due to the intervention in the collection of the enterprises in recent years, combined with the auction company is committed to explore never spread or not appear in the film field for many years and orderly "foundation", "life", the oil companies have a fierce volunteer and lack of funds to support their culture, makes the Chinese art market to break, chi blunt at the bottom of the climbed out of the market. China's pre-emptive advantage over the past five years and the pursuit of a bid have been a hand painted oil painting strong addition to the small market.
The total volume of oil paintings by zhang daqian, the number one in 2016, was nearly us $355 million, with 885 pieces of total volume, and the best auction record was $34,917,720. Zhang daqian was ranked 12th in the running base in 2015, the year's no. 1 named Picasso (total transaction volume of $650 million, total transaction number 2, oil painting 875 pieces, the best auction record of $179,365,000); Zhang daqian was 9th in the track in 2014, and Andy warhol (total turnover of $570 million), and 1,394 pieces of total transaction number,oil painting with a maximum auction of 73,000,00 oil paintings. In addition in 2016 the Chinese artists in the world 500 strong occupies more than 30% of the votes, the top ten Chinese artists also culvert is qi baishi (third), wu guanzhong (4), panting (9th), such as cut cui (10th). On the side of the 500, American art oil painting houses accounted for 15%.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.
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