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7  wholesale oil painting for the drum number and for our business mission buy oil painting which makes up to seven and eight million salt lakes  8
buy oil painting tight stacked layers of oil painting ceramics respectively
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Since April 12, cixi timberlake department after openmindedness secret color porcelain in tang and five dynasties site archaeological dig guest editors select "2016 China top ten new archaeological creation", Lin on the demonstration of "the secret color porcelain" once again become a "web celebrity" archaeology.
For thousands of years, celadon is very good. Today, kind oil painting creek vigorously promote timberlake on the kiln teahouse care development tasks, and build on the archaeological inert extracts, timberlake information highway on timberlake celadon civilization heritage park, celadon civilized production chain comprehensive property, make the celadon culture into the world outside, from "the secret color xuan" complete "emerald green color reappearance.
Working-class Lin in the oil painting of zhejiang cixi, the archaeological team was busy packing one bowl, dish, bowl, lamp and other secret color porcelain, shipped to Taiwan in the court of Beijing the imperial palace to join the exhibition, let China "one thousand attendants" amazing country.
Of kiln furniture and broken porcelain sedimentary alone more than 5 m thick,buy oil painting tight stacked layers of oil painting ceramics, respectively, represents the tang dynasty, five dynasties and northern song dynasty s differences, dig down layers, like reading a thick a page of history.
Are the secret color porcelain, for this court of a special magnetic prometheans as tribute, "may not be addressed using", and making singing secret without leakage, make it covered with the thick veil. 20 paintings in October - January, 2017, 15 years after cixi timberlake on si openmindedness and used the archaeological dig, finally revealed the secret color porcelain "there there", "riddle" such as "how to build".
Archaeological digs into the party notice tracery yue-ming shen sentimental, zhejiang province, and the secret color porcelain firing shows the spirit of contemporary Chinese oil painting "artisans of the great powers", and after about your kiln, guan kilns, longquan celadon and koryo celadon has a long-term impact, with the price.
"Secret color porcelain firing than we have a lot of ideas, wholesale oil painting such as ordinary magnetic device fire in can be repeatedly used ceramic saggar in oil painting, and the secret color porcelain is' small entourages-in lay in a one-off porcelain saggar burn, burn a secret color porcelain that is about to cost several times more than itself on the bald saggar." Zheng Jian confessed.
The paper shows the "top 10" information of the five dynasties of the tang dynasty in the tang dynasty
"The post-tang yao kiln site is the most necessary kiln site for the burning of the secret porcelain in the late tang dynasty and the tang dynasty." Zhejiang institute of archaeology, Dr. Zheng Jian clear dew, digg, root department after clarifying the openmindedness and used in the period of the five dynasties late tang dynasty the basic appearance of the secret color porcelain and singing, and the secret color production kilns root for underground secret style oil painting, the tang dynasty temple and the five dynasties qian liu family tomb unearthed the secret color porcelain ankle subject.
Cixi city mayor susceptibility show, cixi will further promote the kiln celadon civilized pity, display and operating various tasks, to urge inheritance and set different celadon production craft, assist to celadon wen Ming property of oil paintings, pour the kiln celadon production civilization "gold card".
In the valley of cixi, the broken pieces of porcelain, layered on top of the trees, were clapped under the waves of clear waves. In the excavated area of the excavated political prisoners, there are about 1,100 square meters of the kiln, and the houses, houses, mud pools, glaze jars, etc.the first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.
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