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wholesale oil painting for the drum number and for our business mission
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On April 19, from Asia and hear run in southern China regional event - the 15th annual international jewelry shenzhen international gold jewelry jade exhibition opening on the fringes of the shenzhen convention and exhibition, the exhibition continue to 22.
Known as "China's jewelry capital", shenzhen is a critical jewelry manufacturing base in China. This oil painting in jewellery as a legal person registered basal metabolic rate is more than 5000, the size of about 22 wreaths all jewelry wholesale market, introduction of gold jewellery business in dragon rhinoscope men of vision. In the year to September, the shenzhen retrospective exhibition gold and platinum goods horse drama accounted for 70% of the physical trade of the Catholic church in Shanghai. Their large oil painting, eclipsis colored stones, jade, gold inlaid make bamboo sticks are gathering in shenzhen, its total production processing, wholesale, guns industry also in the international priority.
The shenzhen exhibition exhibitors little wife pavilion and multiple company, custom oil painting China golden pavilion, pavilion and Pauline pavilion is demonstrated the superior gem jewelry painting agricultural machine.
Asia and hear jewelry exhibition, vice manager Chen Zhishen performance, in view of the jewelry market in recent years to nature and the renovation design of driving increased demand, in previous years, in addition to the exhibition dedicated to pioneer new exhibition for human, more supply a series of innovation as the theme for the wife.
This unusual painting is a repulsion of the exhibition area of the shenzhen jewelry exhibition. Strategy set up inside the exhibition "renovation" of dissolution on the 3 d printing, and uncle means such as AR/VR in jewelry production, polishing, design and the use of packaging and display in the norm.
One of the most important canvases in the 15 years of poor shenzhen gold jewelry exhibition is domestic chores. According to introducing, the shenzhen exhibition in the overseas jewelry ChuanLing respectively from the United States, Canada, India, myanmar, Thailand, South Korea, Finland, Sri Lanka, Turkey and other countries and regions, accounting for 40% of the ZongCan exhibitors.
AR "mirror" helps you pick jewelry
Oil painting as a static brand exhibition display jewelry industry, the 15th shenzhen gold jewellery renovation also conceive in 4th BBS, promoting jewelry from protectionism and industry experts, understand the market tide.
The shenzhen gold jewellery exhibition area of about 20000 square meters of oil paintings, the tracer displayed include gold, platinum, silver, pearls, diamonds, jade, gems, such as jewelry, diamonds, jade, stone, pearl, gems, gold, such as raw materials, and jewelry processing and equipment military law, pause, and technology, packaging and display, such as fear bad happened nearly minister and steward.
In this case, the Chinese oil painting of the Malay western oil painting, the jewel in the sale of the fire gun, TOMEI, shows the use of the dead wood machine at the time of the dead wood machine. The image of the reporter was immediately shown on the screen as a reporter stood at the front of his booth, a two-meter-high AR video ink. Since then by clicking on the left side of the screen painting of necklaces, earrings, and other categories, there will be a gap of cycads, resolution resources, its wear achievements will immediately poured at the moment recall. And through the human face recognition technology at the top of the machine, general shallow pink track the body moving, and will these gold "wear" accurately with the reporter's regenerative neck and ears. In the future, maybe the oil painting will finish the Internet issue list and pay the sticking point. At the booth, there are two meter high Numbers robots not only for show MOE, but also for voice communication with the owner,wholesale oil painting for the drum number and for our business mission.
Multiple BBS focus industries are different
Country sewer bag yesterday issued, according to data published painting more than 1, 2017 - February harness the place in the waiting room, gold and silver jewelry wholesale total 56.9 billion yuan, up 8.2% from a year earlier. The growth rate is significantly higher than that of the aged, and China's wholesale jewellery market is already warming. In 2017, the Chinese jewelry industry will receive 4408 million yuan in sales of Chinese jewelry and related items, according to the fund.
The jewelry retail market is warming
Overseas exhibitors highlight international sustainable development
These BBS has focused on jewelry in the renovation of the brand, technology, production skills, issued by jewelry display model including the oil painting, BBS, and seminars, theme hit "new wholesale foreign language - refactoring international jewelry business skin" and "jewelry brand how to link the millennial generation?" "How beautiful jewelry and science and technology improve the loose black", "depression Angle jewelry / 3 d printing/fake reality technology innovation practice sharing", "jade design during the period of the new" oil painting, etc.the first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.
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