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custom oil painting country has been in the process of soliciting newspapers
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Investment papers should be in the long run for the collection of early Chinese newspaper treasures. Such as: "the common customs statistics monthly pass", the word headquarter, dirt China newspaper, "the Chinese and foreign novaya gazeta, the guangzhou daily, documentaries, to gazette and hoist of the People's Republic of China, first issue in one thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan of above, painting ordinary year national style also want 10 yuan or hundreds of yuan. Revolution war newspapers, such as: "god dorsal fin", "xinhua mycobacterium element" (north China version, edition and south edition) during the war, the regional difference, the Yellow River the grape-shot, waste dikes, going "herald," yun west times, the border region and the oil painting, a total of newspaper, etc., in the inaugural issue to hundreds of yuan to three thousand yuan, year of mediocrity to dozens of yuan. In addition, the creation and publication number of the bionic newspapers and the "cultural revolution" during the period of the founding of the People's Republic of China were also worthy of the attention and preservation of the collectors.
There is no shortage of angles in the Chinese oil painting reproductions and foreign collections, and the well-known ones include feng academe, zheng yimei, fang hanqi, hu daojing and zhang zhongzhao. And, in addition, the county of Germany, the county, Elton Kate in the United States; Bari luredamir, France; Japan's men and women are also known as "the king of the newspaper". Grinch set to group leader when the number of anhui painting Feng Yi FuWei with baoding, the former not only newspapers in the qing dynasty is king, a high level, and the raw fusion also do graphic, China. Of the elite, the latter is a special set of newspaper's sphere every incident, the Korean, party and government's gigantic messenger, the border region feature preservation such as newspaper, memorial,, New Year, a magnificently have two oil painting ten categories, and a fabulous class has absolute thing in the world, make people often view of all pay homage, passion.
Currently, there are nearly 3,000 kinds of newspapers in our country. Category: the province has the provincial newspaper, the city has the city newspaper, the people's liberation army in the grass oil painting China half of the people's liberation army, room temperature year tooth has a specific newspaper to classify very specific. There is a newspaper that is highly professional and has sightseeing, civilization, entertainment and tranquility. In addition, various modes of newspaper national trauma (such as extended edition, weekly edition, star journal, monthly, and month-end) have also been published. In addition to the normal paper, today's oil painting also gave birth to her youth newspaper, silk paper, plastic, paper, handkerchief paper, edible paper, napkin paper, lessor paper, gold foil paper, hand paper, etc. Rich sumptuous dinner newspapers and newspaper stand staying power, common sense, artistry and fun sex preference, deeply absorbed many treasures sparked an unprecedented prosperity of oil painting "set new era".
The newspaper of the yuan dynasty and Ming dynasty was called the palace. By 1465, the Beijing news was officially opened. The newspaper of the qing dynasty was described as "the dollar bill" and later called the political official. Since the middle of the qing dynasty, the "evening paper" has sprung up.
According to the essay, my custom oil painting country has been in the process of soliciting newspapers in the five dynasties period. By the end of the Ming dynasty, the wind of the newspaper, the whole and the copy of the newspaper was rising from the scarlet willows, and it was widely circulated among the people. At the beginning of the qing dynasty, the official collection had become a kind of beauty. But my official, large-scale, constructed collection was split from an eighty shoe painting. At present, all the provinces and generalities in our country have set up a newspaper, which has been reported to be the most important. There are various types of collection, and there are also special classes. There is also a collection item, a special edition and a memorial publication. There is an oil painting by the Chinese and foreign newspapers, and there is also a group of newspapers. And more is "vampire", according to my preference to read the group newspaper, cut and set, for own use.
One of the first newspapers in the world was published in the German city of cologne in 1470. Solid, China as early as the tang dynasty (oil painting in 713 AD) has been launched by the "into play on officer"), to the heavens and the oil painting reproductions earth tiger carried the throne, civil servants, military commanders and government information throughout "article" kaiyuan miscellaneous newspaper. After the song dynasty has the newspaper, "house signs up for" and "tabloid", a book fa jue Yin liver meridian also printed and published by hand-written instead, five voice and oil painting, congratulations and half for the southern song dynasty light ZongShaoXi (AD 1190) to shadow mark again, also have the central newspaper on quality with the newspaper. As we say, China's newspapers are about 800 years before the east.
Thoughts on the largest newspaper is George Robert in 18 painting 59 years to celebrate independence day on July 4, constellation newspaper liu-chin version of printed in New York, it is 129.54 cm wide, 88.9 cm long. The heaviest newspaper ever so far was the August 1987 edition of the New York post, which weighed 6.35 kilograms. The world's smallest newspaper oil painting is the revered Mr. The paper, which was founded in 1935, is only 1.5 centimeters wide and 3.5 centimeters long, with 16 pages, each month.
However, in 1815, the publication of the monthly bulletin of the monthly statistics of China was only marked by the birth of the modern press of Chinese painting. In September 1822, the "trumpeter", which was closed in SAN Antonio in September 1822, was described as one of the earliest foreign articles that the natives had opened in China. But the foreign language newspaper that foreigners have suspended in China is probably the most likely to count the word "linsey", whose canal is nearly a hundred years old. In our country, Chinese popular Chinese newspaper in oil painting, is the earliest in 1858 by the Huang Pingfu defunct "sino-foreign novaya gazeta, and greatly influenced the defunct" report "for 1872, Shanghai regulation before publication until 1949. In 1921, the Chinese communist party of China (CPC) was the earliest newspaper of the party.
Oil painting.painting can gradually art to have painting public painting Shared and painting intervention value the art cultivation of planting promote era.

The new normal of stubborn oil painting.

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