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7  home painting company has not only dabbled in the test and exploration of the comet hand painted oil painting It is also important to recognize the erosion of ancient  8
convenient for living wholesale oil painting preservation sex is very strong
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Value appreciation, thousands of stamps can be used as the closet ChengJue handed down from ancient times, but some corner in the hundreds of thousands of pieces of the $one thousand level of other souvenir sheet, has been sufficient market deny its connotation value, still ZaoSi development Settings. "I propose to sell each year in the beginning of high-school year-book, converged on choose 2-3 Zhang Jiagou canvas sheet, this kind of preservation is mi throw the central, and convenient for living,wholesale oil painting preservation sex is very strong." Teacher liu said.
The price tag has been high for years
There is also a high value of small scale
The stamps are small sheets that have become a favorite target for investors. After the oil painting of the late 1990s and 2010, the market lifted two waves of uptrend, and the price of many antique small pieces doubled.
"The value of a small piece will go up, and after the bull market for stamps from 2011 to 2013, the small pieces will be closed and will add up for the next explosion." South painting collectors a senior teacher liu thought, early sheetlets contrast postage stampbook, is much less number of stamps is rated in the 1970 s, much only release tens of thousands of copies, belongs to the paradigm of stamps, short-legged current stamp collectors still) beyond the level of the country, these good stamp same as people been contemplating hot oil painting.
"White horse" type zhang is not only rise not fall
The nanjing stamp collector song instructor showed that the 94M mei lanfang small piece was the benchmark for the new China's positive small scale. Not only has it broken the 10,000 yuan mark early, oil painting reproductions but it has reached six figures. Following an online auction of new oil paintings, the price of the whole product was 110,000 yuan to 120,000 yuan, and more than 30,000 times more than the three yuan school park. In addition, the late period of the 106M, the value of the original 106M, has broken the 10,000 yuan mark, becoming a small "home-made small piece" for the small yellow yellow. In addition, the price of a responsible oil painting and a world table tennis match is more than 5,000 yuan. The price of the pentium, camellia, and the Great Wall is more than 3,000 yuan.
Appeared, but the old saying, "white horse" type of some perfection, situation is relatively stable, most Chinese is lotus_shaped, on oil price is rising in recent years, this giant ShuFaZhan price remains the same in 1600 yuan,wholesale oil painting and China square cultural involvement of a dream of red mansions, ideas and vision chart sheet and price steadily upward, it, its superior figure sheetlets domain before a few years of 700-800 yuan fell to the present 1000 multivariate.
A small stamp is a small set of stamps that resemble a set of stamps, except for a set of stamps. Because of the sheer volume of postage stamps, there has been a rush to the stamp market since the 1980s. Many of the initial small Numbers of small ones have gone up steadily, and many of them are "breaking through the thousands", but the price is still big.
Small pieces are a popular object for collectors, and good small ones are faster to cash in. However, intersection YouBi elder brother enjoy states that "white horse" type of zhang ego private rise in value, but it is not only up not down, oil painting some moments fluctuation is also very obvious, if be in YouShi hot rudder to buy, is simple for many years the results of the quilt cover. At the height of the 2012 price, the total quality of the item was a total of about 30,000 yuan, and the value has fallen by half, and the whole product is only in oil paintings of 12,000 to 1.28 million yuan.Therefore, no matter which shoe factory set out, "overcloud building" the oil painting is a capital "good".its painting value? This is a problem in 2010 art when Chinese art auction was painting the most turbulent art of the painting market.
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