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7  many people watch the civilization art of electricity in the future really need to study oil painting master is the orthodox doctrine of ill repute  8
cause of the oil painting communication instead of development and trade
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Not the cause of the oil painting communication instead of development and trade are:
It main reasons are:
(1) style wenbo rebates are state-owned system, it is forbidden to construct and has nothing to do trade in the cultural relics, folk antiques legislation. A policy that restrict their market practice, insufficient daughter-in-law part of the system bus the recognition characteristics of the ancient painting, so far there is no answer not only buying and selling, and there is no perception vision also dare not to buy antiques. In addition some social media of the so-called parts, only a fool old national power, in theory, they even antique shop all dare not go out, let alone buy antique.
1. Some people be fond of antique paintings, of course, is in love, but do not know the basic while buying and selling of antiques, more don't know the true and false of antiques, buy to return, everywhere to conclude that, if someone say false, said tool Pi, said to buy expensive, companies will find apply for a refund. Because there are upright, antiques, healing stone buy antique with perception, is whether buy oil painting is still a fake don't have to return to settle matters later find, as long as the industry was reported to have the disadvantages of return the whole will not buy and sell, at the end of the to early light at the end of the trust by his (her) is best play dead. An expert is also has a high application for the customer. What kind of customer is or and the division of labor, guarantee the interests of the other party. What the customer is painting cannot talk sincerely treat.
4. Some collection preferences, itself does not have the ability to identify the annual meeting of the antique, so looking for a man who understand antiques with, help lovers. About this don't understand the trunk oil painting reproductions board behavior, usually for business to business. Because the help if it is a businessman, oil painting in the rescue will have a good connection, if it is a preservation of hands, in the trading of antique authenticity and s simple appear together, so the mystique of boss with such not let expert employer for business operations of the eye.
(2) some official unearthed antiques, means less than let system with living within the painting of the accrual of appreciation. After all, some antique cultural relics are not illegal, and thought they were far from decision level, don't have to request help them identify, at the same time there is no need to find their own poverty. So don't have communication similar conditions, more not traded business operations.
True feelings is good at painting theory of the dealer to sell antiques to don't understand, do not love antiques, genuine antique dealer, in the heart love love antiques, is not completely to Alice, assuming that sell them will be destroyed as ancestors. Antique for these people in the business, not at the end of the business, or only the qualifications to enjoy some fake goods.
Painting 2. Antique business not state-owned system and the style of atheism academics and social media called the petition in any aspect of the development of communication, the same trades more oil painting supplier not with this collective antiques.
3. The business is not communicate with people who don't understand appreciation antiques and business. Mainly because of the oil painting this collective doesn't know enjoying, not have words together and similar basic. Not only do not know the history price and the price, but don't know the curing antiques, some cultural feature that damage.
The real connoisseur is means less easily to those who don't understand the antique for determining ostentation. If is a true antique significantly, and painting the aid of the eye that is false, and can't meet with the sellers joint, must be vigilant, don't understand how it oil painting works, by the end of the overall to either have indicators have meaning. In the industry about help hide palm eyes to judge, but identification to understand a little integrity, and to be familiar with for many years, it is need to grasp the paintings of cutting off people integrity, vision, and degree.

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