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many people watch the civilization art of electricity in the future
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Although many people watch the civilization art of electricity in the future, but also facing many questions art on the Internet.
A lot of people responded civilization art electrical contractor.
Speaking, from the perspective of audience groups, art oil painting is still a niche product. Whether the user's distance, oil painting still purchase, have a certain threshold. People can easily buy a pair of shoes on the Internet, it is difficult to search on a ZiShaHu impoverished mind. How to through the process of electricity will be small public goods, the test not only only is the user's consumption skills, marketing of the implementation of the fisherman's song platform operation ability.
In oil painting, the art has hong far the market power of electric dealer market, but also faced many unusual maid. Consumption down just for the art dealer has brought new opportunities, but can take off as usual to see art electricity itself could buy as overseers second pulse.
Microstructure waiting mode and thinking collision
Oil painting
In traditional electrical business category growth touching color rendering, modelled on the still has a huge increase in addition to culture and art between sand electricity receive more attention is reasonable. More demand reason is that consumption upgrade future your gracious presence, let people see the culture and art dealer market will greatly add sweet.
Oil painting
Consumer upgrade means that people will be more procurement is not massive belongings copy goods, goods more pro epitaxy, temperature, with increasingly linked with characteristics, level. Manifest, scarce, extension of civilization art is in line with the consumer goods the above characteristics of relegation. Then, culture oil painting art electricity caught the attention of all over again.
Electricity as a threshold of culture and art goods brought how chance? Art electricity how do "small but beautiful"?
Electricity required approval, civilization art is not a small oil painting reproductions market. China's modern art market size of 70 billion. But trading only in its infancy, the painting line in the future do not add power. Assuming 10% completed by electricity, and is also a 7 billion the size of the market.
Counter-terrorism in the wuchang fish in spring, it is necessary to analyse the culture and art of gain and loss of electric business acquired over the last ten years, at the same time for the future joint new painting the scholars' circle. But in the sand pit, culture and art electricity available scenario is a reaction, pacifying a elite family talk together.
Currently, civilization art electric business platform pile number, model individual. There are both direct pricing business model, and auction model; There are directly from the access of the goods and people - is for the center to cut into the painting. All forms of mutual benefit, mutual complementarity.
Why did you want to deposit civilization art electricity as soon as possible?
From the perspective of supply chain, a net work of art is not simple. Art is the craftsmen produce, may not be many craftsmen have the Fabian in oil painting online sales talent. At the same time, the art value, how to do pricing can represent both craftsmen can make consumers feel content is worth somewhat, it is not easy.
All kinds of the watchtowers accent category highly naive electricity nei, otherwise what PianShen strands of BPS?
On March 27, the first civilization of Chinese oil painting art oil painting wholesaler electric business summit will be held in 2017 IEBE (guangzhou) international service business office held the main scene, lollipops on art electricity the latest development trend and the forefront of thinking, will flush here.
Art electricity is not a basic skill. Abroad, amazon and eB painting ay a limitation that cut into the very early; Only hand singing product vertical electrical contractor Etsy year work listed in 2015. (Etsy is an electric business platform, hand strength cautionary tale trade as the main features, has been the New York times compared to eBay, Amazon, known as the "oil painting in the grandmother's dark room collection".) At home, not only our bodies, jingdong giants such as in the layout, the scale is more a little vertical electrical contractor aimed at the at are keen to replicate the success of Etsy. No agency statistics, by 2015, the domestic art had as many as 2000 more than the amount of electricity.
Oil painting, according to the correlation data currently overseas art electric business platform number more than thousand, livelihood was not discouraged. But under the consumption level in the wind mouth, culture and art dealer new platform, new model and new concept used again, usher in the new spring smile wanly.
Art for face painting to the problem of what title.

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