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waiting for the oil painting reproductions market better make a fortune
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According to "TEFAF art market report" for 2016, 2015, the world art oil painting market sell personal fell 7%, down from $68.2 billion to $63.8 billion. Volume landing 2% to 38.1 million units, compared to the same online clinch a deal the total value of the art of traditional painting is expected to about $4.7 billion (us $30.6 billion verbs), up 7% compared with the previous year, accounting for 7% of the total amount of the world of art and antiques to sell. This ratio, no doubt, to the "hot" market made a pot of cold water, however, invasion of art, such as electric, imam infatuation does not change.
The third painting, the artist to survive in, also endure in art, art electricity as derivatives of art industry, also can't make an exception, at this time to enter, do get ready. Large who stay up in. But without him.
Though, have so a little over the past few years new art electric merchants oil paintings, with capital three mountain, commerce and art, also be very heavy, heavy profit-seeking capital, commercial business, heavy precipitation of art, or trade in capital market, in the art circles, like how lame, short-term sentiment not to business, all without terrier in the throat, dare to oil painting q: road in where?
In the era of mobile Internet, art business form, as a representative of the online clinch a deal now has become a traditional art of sales added to into the level, in the form of more and more the attention of the lost art academies. We can't deny, art dealer has become a popular social economic situation of oil paintings, many enterprises sentences to art dealer market, however, we are on art electrical goods and know very little, yet few big success stories, can be to remember annals, most art electricity control slow, enterprise development can not find the upheaval.
Taobao, suning, cut into the traditional paintings such as gome electrical contractor to subordinate arch bridge art online transactions, since August 2013 after has four years, suning, suning now secondary knowledge about art trade once gone, replaced by the malls category, taobao auction worse, lost five words directly, instead of painting is a wandering fish.
Of course, some people will think, current art market is low, can shoot, waiting for the oil painting reproductions market better, make a fortune. Said Kuang, this sentence is the layman's uncle, why say so? Because of the good works of art has always been no shortage of market, the art market have a the little-known a painting business discipline, and others unknown, and the market also can't lack of rewelding bole, but a lack of "good", especially those who knows nothing but pretends to know the "water", people stupid, more money, best in the future is good.
Second, focus, do fine classification, a lot of opportunities with little victory of oil paintings, with death alive, too. As a result, the power of art is art electrical business beginning, must understand art, understand the art market, have the art connections, henceforth also understand electricity and understand marketing, with is, should be in for a balance between art and electricity, found you win,custom oil painting is unlikely to lose oil paintings, to find the best boil down, until found the right.
At the same time, we also created a rare economic circumstances, art electric quotient quantifiers have live better, not to say can unify river's lake, but, for a village is king, still can be, they have some essential oil painting, the first, compared to live long, up to more than 5 years, operatives, can smooth, some have more than 10 years of history. Why is the contrast of live long? They are in the phase of the oil painting construction of a surplus of art market, it can be said that a bad period, did you can make, and make the oil painting is quite simple, less fish more fish, it is like this also.
With sharp, arts, art dealer more sharp, if not there are three points in the world) and sex, then don't have to be great again carefully, carefully, otherwise, would not necessarily be careless lost jingzhou, is in the future. Three points to the whole painting, dream.

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