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due to the high value of art oil painting sales quantity reduced by half global art
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Method of news media, due to the high value of art oil painting sales quantity reduced by half global art sales slump in 2016, and China to become the world's largest market.
According to the report, said the world art auction last year totaled $12.5 billion, more than $2015 in 16.1 billion, down 22%.
The global art market information network will be sold out due to more than $10 million to clinch a deal unit price slump in the number of works of art - reduced from 2015 in 160 to 80 last year.
Global art market information network's chief executive, he said: "every continent of the sellers are now a" wait and see "attitude." Last year, the highest bidding works include impressionist Claude monet paintings "haystack", for which he paid $81.4 million, and Peter Paul Rubens's lot, and his daughters, for which he paid $58.1 million, both were taken in Christie's.
Also has a good performance of modern art, American painter let - michelle oil painting reproductions buss quiah, an untitled painting was a Japanese collectors bought for $57.3 million, and wassily kandinsky 1935 straight and curved, for $23.3 million.
However, the report said that China has the highest total sales, "clearly established it () in the art world's superpower status".
Reported that rule the world five years later, the title of China's biggest art market lost to the United States in 2015, and regained all but one year later, auction sales of up to $4.8 billion.
The global art market information network, says this number accounts for 38% of the world's total sales.
In China, the traditional painting and calligraphy works accounted for the vast majority.
In China in 2016 is the highest prices in the 14th century middle traditional Chinese painters Ren Renfa works "the five Kings drunk to figure", for which he paid $45.89 million.
However, the global art market information network, modern art auction is becoming more and more frequently in Hong Kong, Hong Kong "has become the art market place that cannot be ignored."
While total sales to fall, but the global art market "fine arts" class of trade grew by 11%, works of art class does not include antiques and art works, such as pottery and furniture.
Global art market information network, said: "the price under buy oil painting $50000 of the strongest sales growth, currently accounts for as much as 96% in the western market."
New York is still the undisputed art auction, sales of $3.2 billion, $2.1 billion more than $2.3 billion in Beijing and London.
According to the report, the main Chinese artists is the auction side to make money, in 2016 sales of three before 5. Chang's works most sales, followed by the master of the 20th century, Picasso, followed by the Chinese watercolor painter qi baishi and wu guanzhong "the father of modern Chinese art", the fifth is the German modern painters gerhard Richter.

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