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"Is stage-YanZhiLong oil painting exhibition" landing beautiful art center
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"Is stage-YanZhiLong oil painting exhibition" landing beautiful art center

"Is the stage -- YanZhiLong oil painting exhibition" on July 23, 2011 in the beautiful art center, exhibition by the famous art critic ShangHui planning, beautiful art center, a total of 28 pieces of oil painting exhibition, exhibition will continue until early August.
Painter YanZhiLong was born in 1969 in jiangxi jiujiang, graduated from oil painting department of hubei academy of fine arts degree in 1997, graduated from oil painting department of tianjin academy of fine arts graduate student in 2004, received a master's degree. The current nanchang university, vice President of the college of art and design, professor, supervisor of postgraduate. Many attend exhibitions at home and abroad and won the prize.
Famous art critic ShangHui evaluation way: when the ideological beautifully turned for commodity economization society, Chinese intellectuals personality spirit and emancipation, again by materialistic ablation and corrosion. Perhaps we see YanZhiLong work suddenly wake up after a thinking for art, art history and modernity. Because of his work is not the real social, not reproduce the visual aesthetic like outside, and even politicians nor expression type of that kind of intervention and evaluation of social art manipulation of consciousness; But mere appearance straight in his inner experience, capture the potential of intuition, sums he staggered to chase the dream and the illusion of oil painting gallery reality, he put his own experience with the touch of the world, cognitive and performance on the picture, in order to release his individual feelings and spiritual GuFen self.
YanZhiLong picture no grand narrative, only play the music players often wandering on the picture. In fact, he is not present players, but as the music of his personal experience and melody constantly repeat in his real life, he's not even in the drawing, but with the color and image interpretation of the music and rhythm feeling and impulse. His picture has also often appear a steel frame bed, some shady bird, was the nightingale, or a robin or a symbol of the gods? For readers could not sure these things, is the painter life experience ever give him burn or memory with the word of life. Indeed, in reality there are too many to say sweeping Ming, die life, emotion, the rise and fall, who can grasp and manipulation. If come what is the goal, it is his to give expression to screen behind those who cannot speak things stand out, let the paint and brush itself can voice, played the melody.
The exhibition is YanZhiLong's first solo exhibition in Beijing exhibition embodies the YanZhiLong hard painting development path and the evolution of his painting style. As a painter, after 60 YanZhiLong also generation unique heavy. May, in the network and consumerism swallowed again after the main body spirit and personality independence, we read in intellectual dragons to heavy, it is he who works represent their generation of the collective unconscious thought foundation, is also the era of Chinese modern art reason and the cultural mission

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