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7  Maxi merv is China´s first teacher of oil painting, our enlightenment amount of oil painting reproductions study is whip market as a whole  8
Well-known painter,art critic Tan Xue professor gave birth to death in United States
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Well-known painter,art critic Tan Xue professor gave birth to death in United States

Well-known painter Tan Xue born professor, on July 14, 2011 at 9 sanatorium carry pain to Los Angeles in the United States, the age of ninety.
Professor tan in the lunar December 1, 1921 in guangzhou council presided over bo hospital was born and the Christian baptism, when its parent as a Presbyterian flowers true light elementary school music teacher, his father sun yat-sen led the national government bureau chief.
Japanese invasion of Hong Kong in 1940, he took refuge in chongqing, China national art college to study oil painting reproductions art, in which students take an active part in the anti-japanese movement; In 1945, he graduated from Lin Fengmian studio, hired professor of art college of guangdong province fine arts in 1946, the ridge in Hong Kong from 1948 to 1949, the British middle school fine arts faculty, at the same time in Hong Kong left the human will "of art activities, with cabinet-makers Huang Xinbo and others actively promote speaking for poor public art creation.
From 1949 to 1954, he and his wife Xu Jianbai back to guangzhou together for guangdong province association of cultural and arts workers work, participate in the preparation of south China institute of literature and art and in the school as the main administrative posts. Renamed in 1954 the school moved to wuhan zhongnan MeiZhuan, he continues to be responsible for the school's main administrative management and the affiliated high school principal. In 1957 he returned to guangzhou is responsible for the school property and changed its name to China academy of fine arts from the construction site, after long-term responsible for educational administration of guangzhou academy of fine arts, and for the preparation craft design part-time director of the department, it was not until 1982 in the educational administration department chief of Tui Hugh.
As one of China's four big academy of fine arts, one of the main founders of guangzhou academy of fine arts professor Tan Xue born will his life into inherit and spread his teacher -- Chinese contemporary art education and art education and the hand painted oil painting art of master Mr Lin Fengmian thought, in the past 50 years, artists and his peers were a close cooperation, to create a relatively loose, good learning environment in the development of art, makes the academy of fine arts is famous in the south, in those days many students become prestigious artists at home and abroad.
Taking heavy administrative tasks at the same time, professor tan still pining art, walking around the country, leaving a number of valuable paintings, part of these works is the guangzhou academy of fine arts, art gallery, guangdong province, and domestic and southeast Asian collectors.
Professor tan in later life after retirement, in addition to continue to the oil painting creation, will also be a lot of energy into old painter of guangdong province and the Chinese fine arts history data collection and personal memories of finishing work, leave a lot of valuable first-hand research materials of art history for later generations, and published three literary script.
Professor Tan Xue born life is humble and honest and aboveboard, with his wife and children to care for love, embrace life with artists feelings, the humanitarian spirit of dedication to the art education for the cause, he will let us remember

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