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Belong to modernity of dragon - jianghai oil painting "first - brain - animal parts" meaning
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Belong to modernity of dragon - jianghai oil painting "first - brain - animal parts" meaning

The first - brain - animal parts was a continuation of the jianghai animal theme paintings. We have seen, jianghai in "the edge of the horizon" series is adopted in the grafting of people and animals, in arthropods, is used in the portrait painting works of "butterfly lovers" and so on method, namely, the human body connect and insert into animal form, its meaning is equating the behavior of animal instinct to human behavior, to strongly degenerate criticism of the human soul. In the first - brain, jianghai will be the most familiar image of the twelve animals, accommodation with the human body: the rat is clever and implicit, cattle, tiger's ferocious, rabbit pathos, the arrogance of the dragon, snake, s rapidly, horse, sheep cowardice, monkey alert, chicken's pride, mad dog, pig's tenderness - these are called "properties" animals, our nation by painters all beheaded, tore fur, leather, integrated in the "flesh and blood stream". The flow of blood and flesh coagulate fat, gradually solidified in the box of animal heads for bone: blood no setting for red in red, but a refund for the pink; Meat no precipitation for dark purple, and lighten the silver beads color. This kind of "greenwashing" violence along the vulgar colors in today's fashion society. What's more, jianghai cut off people's body, they will seriously cleverly into the cut to the framework of 12 animal heads, soaked in "flesh and blood flow, and pet melts gradually become an organic art painting whole. Jianghai took pains to reshape the bronzes 12 times, it is in shaping their own "landscape of the world" - just like the natural disasters happen repeatedly, is in our exposure to spread salt on the appearance of the peripheral nerve jianghai this bizarre "social landscape", is also that we have to face to face with modern society.
Obviously, "first" internal rendering is human flesh creep residual "brain" of chaos, the appearance of the "brain" shows different beast puffed up the lack of "first". Jianghai the confused thinking people in modern society with the animal's instinctive behavior, drew a large.
Jianghai creation is a long process, he will be a variety of color has fallen on the canvas, the hand of god do color between mutual fusion and penetration, and then, on the basis of cast all his painting talent. This is jianghai construction of their own image of "landscape" process, this process can only use the heart slowly experience: this is independent of the individual mind and social exchanges and dialogue slowly, but the weak voice completely obscured by the hustle and bustle of modern society...
Jianghai works all reflect the modern society. However, in the animal theme paintings, jianghai and retrieve all the symbols of modern society, there is no direct such as high-rise buildings, cars, motorcycles, etc. Instead, the animals and people are all within the calendar history can be said to be the eternal existence of things, especially the jianghai's has always been a naked human body, it also stripped the picture above even the slightest capable of embodying the of The Times style. So, jianghai is to want to use a kind of way to eternal torture some issues with modernity. The eternal question, since the start of the human civilization is lingering on the mind of thinkers, questions about the essential difference between humans and animals, also is the problem of human nature. While jianghai want to use work to question: if the questions about human nature has an even the definition of fuzzy, but can resonate, so under the review of the definition, person and full of human nature in modern society there is much distance

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