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Ten years ago,LeiLiang asked me to look at his first painting with full color
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Ten years ago,LeiLiang asked me to look at his first painting with full color

Drawing some childish, but there are full of courage. In the eyes of the more professionally trained painter, can hardly called a draw. I just regard him as a fine arts college of foreign language teachers in amateur hobby, never thought he landscape oil painting would have become obsessed with this way, the survival of their future trajectory determined on when a professional painter. LeiLiang later resigned from the office, go to Russia and eastern Europe, and then fled to France to learn western painting. Ten years later, he again asked me to go to see a picture, opened a volume of rice paper oil painting in recent years. Of mountains and the sea of clouds, is still a gaudy primary, pure strong, those chaos open weather. How much this batch of paintings let me some surprise, I hadn't thought of, a European study tour, enjoy painting, painting and ceaseless painter, would not suffer the interference outside, do not change, the original life and passion all bets in this primary colors of the world. Have to make I modified the original impression of LeiLiang, back to reading his primary colors of the world.
LeiLiang prefer grey is vast mountains and rivers, in recent years, the painting of image is the main body of the world, his primary rather LeiLiang individual title. Mountain and water do not relate to a specific natural scenery, he wants only mountain nadis and the flow of water. Like a brillant waterman drives surges of emotions freely. abstract oil painting And will be dramatic performance emotional peak valley. The mountain is the mountain, the water is not water. Landscape image in he does become a schema, the value of the object itself is to guide the visual only between the emotional peak valley, in the front seems to have a goal, never outcrop silently calling painter, encouraging the painter. LeiLiang painting, therefore, often have a kind of strong emotions, disappointment and optimistic, yu Men and exciting, sadness and joy, and so on pronouncements, at the same time there is a kind of perpetual peace, seem great and later on the kind of big. As his title "life is too bitter, bitter more time, no one know that a good husband, the heart to see the worst result is calm... The title is his inner monologue, from conflict to peace is a process of emotional release and ease, to finish the integration on the picture, the strength is not up to have a special personality.
Conflict of inner emotion, make LeiLiangChang traveling in their own world, outside of any temptation to the possibility of being shunned him. He admired the expressive force of western oil painting color, but would not regulated by the west that a set of color relations, he likes the Chinese traditional landscape painting "the heart source" autonomy, Jane does not satisfy the present too much peace and light. So he didn't indulge in any kind of culture, eventually go don't miss the west road, choose from the inner drive. His one hand western thick oil painting color, one hand over the Chinese landscape painting brushwork, pull the clever peace and thick li dignified life together, so as to make the inner emotional release and integration, internal conflict is in great contrast to achieve harmony

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