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Soaring and endorsements -fu yu xiang painting "sky doesn´t echo" series
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Soaring and endorsements -fu yu xiang painting "sky doesn't echo" series

Fu yu xiang's new book "the sky doesn't matter" modern oil painting series adopt the model of vertical shaft in form has attempt to return to the traditional Chinese view. Each image is divided into two parts, lower for the mountains and rivers shape land, upper air prominent place impressively accounted for five of the last four pictures a close-up image of animals or people. Chicken and duck for animals or poultry, or as the geese, or for the walking apes, and so on. Whether physical comprehensive or feathers being picked off, shall enjoy, plug in the wings, soaring upwards.
Soaring, is derived from the authors unique experience. Fu yu xiang some unique way of life, and to the painter, sexual purity, often meditation, with soaring soul experience, according to its own expression that is the most comfortable feeling of relief. Is the experience in the series of this new perfusion to the creation, show a kind of meditation. Religion is often advocates fraternity, Christian speaking, everyone has a ticket into heaven, Buddhism is advocate of equality of all beings. Work in addition to reflect custom oil painting this kind of thought also expressed to the awe of life. Wings or teng between the cloud and mist is the soaring externalization of imagery and strengthened.
In today's world is still not out of the jungle rules of the game, around a lot of vulnerable people, life and the dignity of life are often not guaranteed, and those waiting for the killing of animals! Animals always exist in the human world as "the other" (or write "it"), better good reason to exist only, can be used. People are standing in the Angle of the animals as they thought, heard their joys and elegy? They want to fight for their rights, but WuGao helpless, the topic of "the sky doesn't matter" is the source and the. So good so they entered in the fantasy realm, their demand is what they lack. They earlier than human survival in nature, many years ago people as at the end of the top of the food chain and evolution, it is only later, and increasingly shows the growth of greed, the nature and other life unceasing demand, with the development of civilization, as well as cancer of the earth, destroy the natural ecological, endangering the other animals. Fu yu xiang this series is the endorsement for the weakness of the damaged animal rights, cause people to him - animals and other marginal cultures.
Draw an flying geese, there is a hole on the wings, is being played with guns, one wing has weakness, the other one is to fly, perhaps this is the last time he open wings. But this painful moment appear more beautiful. Another picture of the body bare of duck is obviously being very hot, don't know how experienced during the pain, but I still couldn't say a bit of a pain and still keep their happy and soaring posture. Is the author's heart very kind, don't have the heart to will show their pain? Perhaps. Reminiscent of the ancient Chinese meaning to pen is less than the pursuit of. The groping like hands stretched out freely in his chest and a half, there is also a characteristic is occasionally has a bag also.i and duck feet replacement adult hands. The mutation has two aspects, one is the animals are a symbol of the people, vulnerable people, another painter is buddhist, there is something of the cycle of meaning. Now is a person, not necessarily had not from livestock, not necessarily will not change into animals later, their feelings may be your own feelings, past and future so be kind to them. Thus, we see the author of the declaration of animal rights is also for all the edges of the universal declaration of human rights.
Orangutan's image, it's easy to let people think of "king kong", or spread wings that squats, or arms astronauts modelling "little man" the sense that gives a person does not appear to be "vulnerable groups". Hidden behind its what is above the clouds form the power? External strength in the face of the person becomes weak, another layer of meaning is revealed and the smell of all living things equality "reversal". If the modelling of orangutans and pig hands is the transition from animals to people so the modelling of people here also has some are endowed with the dark. Astronauts modelling without head and soaring easily reminds us that "punishment" image, we really can overcome the "day"? The wisdom of China should be focused on the "harmony between heaven and man", not "man can conquer nature". Angel like modelling and the modelling of astronauts are two different tendencies, trade-offs between heart only.
On colour, read his "Tibetan", "the scene language" and other series of all know, the author turns out to be very good at using colorful scenery and people's state of mind. But this time suddenly turned into a single color, using traditional Chinese "black" in the oil painting imagery try new things and breakthrough, is the author of the moral of five color gorgeous to insipid, just like a meditation and spend like a dream of wake up to reality, convey to the audience is not a clear and sharp strange feeling.
If he had the "Tibetan", "scene language" and so on work or more before the modern style, the "the sky doesn't echo" series has been switch to a devoid of color and the spirit of its own enlightenment position performance. This is to belong to his own from the experience of the individual's unique expressing way to awaken to the present society and modernity

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