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Characters as if is struggling from background,will be no vision in depth of oil painting
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Characters as if is struggling from background,will be no vision in depth of oil painting

Only cross the picture color and texture, dense weave of movement. As courbet, in when it comes to the performance of the property as, custom oil painting is not only a performance object, but must pay attention to the material. Zhang jie's painting is emphasis on the feelings of painting material itself, outstanding expression of physical properties. Less line, space, the description of the function and the use of drawing material property, the media, directly to the structure, the relationship as a performance object, let a person into meditation and supernatural atmosphere, with visual metaphor and symbol, and to provide some hint, sensory appreciation and insight, this is zhang jie's later creation to abstract painting "impression" series of reasons, from the original into a abstract and images between art, on the one hand, the continuation of the original intention of his early creation, on the other hand, a breakthrough and innovation on the painting ideas.
"Mark" series of heavy colour is full of the whole picture, don't leave the graphics and the background of contrast. Image plane has become more continuum, which is by the color of the block and heavy pigment stack, although the contrast is so little, but under the intense cold gray dialysis nature clever and angry, like just spewing lava along the way to the rockface flush around, evaporating out of steam. In zhang jie's "full of" the atmosphere of the space, vision seems to be endless succession. Even if he take abstract oil painting mountain as the main body is not to be trauma of natural landscape, the concept of the mountain there is highly symbolic, both by the form of integration, and the techniques in a theme. These cracks and the fog in a color composition, hard rock and chaos of ravines, triggered a fear of natural disasters to human heart latent, passion for the wonders of heaven, and for their own mysteries. The same, it emphasizes that the people and the universe as "with the tao ghost" in zhuangzi philosophy, to seek spiritual transcendence. And the transcendence of the expression in his painting from time to time to close to perfect and with perfect use cancel or even destroy the way to create new value, the so-called "great music sound, elephant invisible. Zhang jie will mount salvaged for luxuries symbols, gradually spread to four edges, the faintly visible ridge is embodied by the contrast between the color piece. He stirred the imagination of the characteristics of the natural landscape and the humanities in southwest China, southwest majestic mountains here, embodied in original complex YiXiangXing pursuit for life.
We can think so, zhang jie as an artist living in southwest China, his works always cannot leave the special environment, and to live in this environment in special experience. And it is this particularity, make the works of zhang jie coexist in a different era has its own value

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