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The art of feeling and imagination MengYing,peng jiaqi oil painting appreciation
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The art of feeling and imagination MengYing,peng jiaqi oil painting appreciation

China fine arts of the 20th century, one of the most prominent phenomenon is painting the foreign art varieties become one of the most important type in nearly 30 years in the early 20th century, China has built nearly 20 MeiZhuan or YiZhuan, began to training the students of oil painting, oil painting style has experienced the reality, the symbol, such as classical stage. Appeared in Shanghai in the early 30 s, modernist trend of creation, and in the mid - 80 - s, once again set off modernist trend of painting in China. Since custom oil painting the 90 s, young artists began to pursue personalized expression method, and began to absorb technique such as video, computer design, a new creation. Since the 90 s and a young painter, the feeling is more sensitive, is more contemporary way of thinking. Peng jiaqi is one of the outstanding young artists who have grown up in the 90 s.
Undergraduate and graduate stages, peng jiaqi in academy of fine arts in the sketch and modelling ability training has laid a solid foundation, but custom portrait painting he is not satisfied with the realistic painting style, but in imagination configuration aspects, his head is creation of the series, with stylized technique research of various characters facial expression of expression, as if is a social beings form library, hand painted oil painting these works indicates he is going to take a belongs to own personalized artistic path.
Peng jiaqi is a spiritual and talented painter. He actively with the world around us, but he is not to duplicate the specific object of the world, but with the mind to feel, to create a new object with the



thought, that is to say, peng jiaqi is ashamed to people, animals and object directly from the objective world. But to convert them to imagine the dream images.
Peng jiaqi is of particular concern for small animals, he says, for a long time, those who like talking elf dance always in mind. He seems to be in dialogue with the mind and the elf, he wrote to catch them for fun. He painted the elves have a cat, dog, monkey, pig, butterfly, etc., vivid and full of interest. He used a single color as the background, characteristics of the animal image more strongly. These elves some simple and honest, some tact, some are exaggerated deformation, some hazy, each a piece of work, is a form of life. He spent two years, drew one hundred elves, screen flicker is a kind of vitality and tong qu. These elves become peng jiaqi creative inspiration, to life and childish explore is his creation of the original power.
Peng jiaqi in hubei at school by the romantic art of chu culture edification, phoenix bird worship of chu ancestors created splendid lacquer art, the shape and color of lacquer art opened the peng jiaqi is the art of imagination. Peng jiaqi to phoenix created a group of rich imagination works as an object, the phoenix bird is intention, colorful picture, to create a rotational displacement imagination world, pen writing not only makes the screen flow freely, and with a strong spirit of Oriental art characteristics. Phoenix paintings, is to absorb the Chinese romanticism creation method to the achievements of the new beneficial experiment.
Peng jiaqi also study of the 20th century western abstract expressionism, try using abstract way for new creation. His abstract painting some performance characteristics, "conveniently change, President of heart" is the creation of his longing state. He will be the freedom of the Chinese calligraphy calligraphy clever and line flow into, make its abstract painting characteristics with writing. In addition, he will introduce a design some of the factors of abstract painting, picture and color rich decoration and construction in the form of beauty. These works is undoubtedly the contemporary abstract painting new harvest.
Peng jiaqi technique is varied, reflecting the diverse contemporary young artists to pursue creative experience. Turn his sharp elves theme, using creep curve of brush strokes and harmonious color, creates a visual phantom like effect, the viewer can be perceived the cat in the picture the colour of the trance, kirin interest, such as image in his works zhongshi illusions and metaphor in a body. The glittering body series, the human body is a dream, the virtualization, the human body are dancing ribbon winding, concealed. The author revelation by shanhaijing and other ancient Chinese mythology, bold to create personal cat strange image of the first. This piece, has strong characteristics of abstract expression, is also the author of the nature of the human body art philosophy thinking. Person of the body and cover intertwined inseparable, are connected to the different animals and people. The paintings is thinking young artists in the new century to human body itself and the performance of meaningful structure.
Peng jiaqi on creation technique, the traditional oil painting drawing method with propylene, print media, computer design way of thinking, the combination of the oil painting hand-painted texture and texture and the combination of network and digital art, strive to create a new painting style full of era features. On the color performance, the pursuit of the virtual, photoelectric colour effect, to distinguish it from previous painting traces of natural colour. Peng jiaqi use these methods for us to create a rich individual character characteristic and style style paintings.
Peng jiaqi is still very young, he is on the oil painting creation potential and future



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