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Xu Fuhou oil painting exhibition held in shenzhen art museum,art event
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Xu Fuhou oil painting exhibition held in shenzhen art museum,art event

"In this era of poverty, the poet what?" Into today's shenzhen art museum, hanging on the wall painting gives the audience with the sages, to at the old questions again. Today, "drawing the poem - Xu Fuhou oil painting exhibition" in shenzhen oil painting art museum. The exhibition sponsored by the shenzhen art museum, shows the author since the mid - 1990 - s representative works of more than 50. It is understood that the exhibition will be to the end of September 17.
In the autumn of 2005, tie ning and Chen, free, loose, ma zhaoxu, DongMing young friends and graduate students, under the support of the portrait painting painter Xu Fuhou museum held a poetry reading and oil painting exhibition in hebei province. For many people, familiar with Xu Fuhou may begins his poems, but he always insisted that poetry is a by-product of his painting.
Mr Xu Fuhou from Yang Liguang, Liu Yiwen, mediaedge: cia study oil painting techniques and creation, the hebei normal university fine arts dean, professor, member of China artists association, vice chairman of hebei province. custom oil painting His work was in the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth national arts exhibition, held in fuzhou invitational exhibition of contemporary art in the asia-pacific region in 1998, Italian contemporary Chinese painting, Chinese modern oil painting elite seven people in Taipei exhibition and other important academic exhibitions, and once in Hong Kong Chinese oil gallery, the gallery of Shanghai eye level, held his show in Beijing.
As an artist and scholar Xu Fuhou in wuhan during the period of study for a master's degree in the late 1980 s, who


wrote a lot of modern poetry. In the exhibition and publication Xu Fuhou "- a carver, and writing books, income part of his poems.
Xu Fuhou think: poetry and painting set off and inspire each other, make up for each other the lack of in-depth and image. And in Xu Fuhou point of view, the homologous "is" art spirit "homologous. He often in sketch travelling over some poems. Using set each other off of unique form of poetry and his album, it fully reflects his the complementary of poetry and art

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