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7  The second while Chinese landscape oil painting exhibition held in landscape amount of oil painting reproductions study is whip market as a whole  8
Spring biennale refraction of the oil painting market
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Spring biennale refraction of the oil painting market
Taiwan collector denounce is gigantic endowment buy chengdu biennale oil painting after the news was, caused strong repercussions in the industry. "Now is a good time to buy Chinese oil painting, the reason is that, although a lot of work on the oil paintings technique of art has reached the level of international famous artist, but the price is generally have more than ten times the gap." 
Yesterday, the local famous curators portrait painting silence, sichuan academy of fine arts professor, said in an interview with reporters. Rocketing oil painting market according to introducing, spurt oil painting market, it has become the consensus of the current domestic artists and collectors. Especially in May and June of this year, from Hong Kong to Beijing,oil painting reproductions from guangzhou to Shanghai, Chinese modern oil painting at all auction stomach-turning constantly create a wonder of the high price. National famous Beijing auction house before a few years of the spring and autumn period and the total oil auction combined is 40 million to 60 million yuan only, and only this spring auction a captured 80 million oil painting. 
At Christie's in Hong Kong but also in the wholesale oil painting spring of 2005 oil painting of hk $210 million, and in recent years, Chinese oil painting market auction record. According to industry insiders, in fact, from the Chinese calligraphy and painting market begins to enter the bull market began last year, the national painting and calligraphy volume custom oil painting of 9.6 billion yuan, is more than double the previous year's. Since this year, was held handmade oil painting in Beijing, Shanghai, hangzhou and other places of artwork auction again. The personage inside course of study is generally accepted that, a lot of money has started to break into the art market. Chengdu local painter appreciation potential is tremendous, as an important base of Chinese oil painting art, blowout in the oil painting market, nature also plays an important role, especially such as luo zhongli, He Duoling, zhou chunya representative artists, but also popular with buyers. Their prices are higher. According to the silence, the three artists appeal in the market is very big, the auction price often is breathtaking. In the works of one square metre, for example, luo zhongli work started in 1 million yuan, He Duoling and zhou chunya in the range of 300000 yuan and 200000 yuan. Compared to the price seems high, but in fact the whole market, value-added space is very big still. According to its introduction, the three artists, a part of the work entrusted to the chengdu blue space gallery. Jiangsu "Fried painting group" concern why the expansion of the oil painting market there will be so fast speed, the art index Zhao Xie think, chief executive of network monitoring and research center, the unique Chinese calligraphy is one of the world art community, its artistic value is not inferior to any foreign varieties of art, but in the past the ancient and modern Chinese painting and calligraphy for the total volume is 1 billion yuan, equivalent to the European and American markets in the 1930 s the price of one or two pieces. Zhao Xie think such a big gap, gestates great rise space. 
At present domestic auction market really active investors mostly come from private entrepreneurs. Most of them had had a good social education, temperament elegant, well-funded, have a special liking to the calligraphy and painting collection, but the market high-quality goods co., LTD., under the frenzy of new buyers will inevitably lead to soaring prices. In the prosperity of calligraphy and painting market, both the real collectors, there are also speculation speculators. It is said that there is now a "Fried painting group" composed of jiangsu and zhejiang people actively involved in all kinds of large-scale sales, a large number of acquisitions of oil painting works of contemporary artists. Zhao Xie pointed out that in recent years, art investment to increase the high return of not less than 30 \ % comfortably, various investment in stocks, real estate market has begun to guard against the risk of big background, the calligraphy and painting market has attracted a lot of idle capital, also can cause the domestic appeared in what was known as the "Fried painting group". Prefix news order chengdu biennale 2 million Taiwan collector in century city new international exhibition center in chengdu biennale, to continue not only attracts many art lovers, even many collectors also came to treasure. Yesterday, the reporter learned from relevant channels that an unnamed collectors in Taiwan to carry out the second day was at a fortune 2 million yuan to buy the biennale portion of the works of local artists. The chengdu biennale in century city new international exhibition center 2 hall started to appear, has attracted a large number of citizens, as of yesterday, the audience has nearly ten thousand people, many collectors also quietly placed orders. A Taiwanese collector praise after having seen the biennale, especially for several local artists paintings produced the strong interest. To carry out the second day they decide to order 2 million yuan to buy those works, so fast and chips are rare. But for various reasons, the Taiwan collector is not willing to give her name, officials also said the temporary not convenient revealed what is bought a few pieces of work is a high price. Suffix news professional gallery space is great oil painting market in chengdu, and is the false picture disrupt the market, this used to be a special report. How to solve this problem? The silence of the advice is to take the path of professional gallery.
 However, so far, though chengdu has quite a few gallery, but in silence gallery seems to be enough for professional standards are rare. "A professional gallery as a brokerage firm, it can catch a number of artists, their works to provide a display and packaging of the platform, but also effective docking and market. Instead of hanging light where some background picture, even if the gallery." According to its introduction, the end of last year, as the art market, the gallery also began to enter the outbreak period. There are about more than 50 at present, the gallery of Beijing, Shanghai, probably more than 30, the gallery management is more and more. Chengdu, but only one or two are professional at best. In the art market in the future, artists and galleries, auction company take picture from the gallery, will be the trend of The Times. Gallery is a link, it connects the painter and the market, also in combing the market, do one of the best filter. After they choose, left behind in the market are the best works and artists. (chengdu daily) 
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