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The direction of the intuition,female painter xu ying´s paintings
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The direction of the intuition,female painter xu ying's paintings

See xu ying, inadvertently cooperate of oil painting unexpectedly is this song, I bite fingers, zheng big eyes looking at pictures on each face troubles, pretense, burnout, free and unfettered, imprints on each skin texture, in the world of feelings and goes up here, and there fell, and I finally was able to upgrade when the audience,portrait painting so good luck.
If based on the same gender, thus having the attention to women, so more can feel the watch xu ying's painting is a kind of considerate "feels", this outstanding surface now painter for the subject or topic research in different works.oil painting reproductions Artists good at comparable factors between different types of characters and think big, is neither a pure women self or for writing the discovery and sure, less wholesale oil painting obsessed with some details, but on the basis of widely absorb, digest, and a grasp of the basic spirit of the women in a particular period of time and the value idea, as a kind of effective witness resources so as to overall investigation and description of contemporary handmade oil painting figure painting.
And based on the modernity and women new socialist basic value position found that, compared to the paintings more outstanding characteristic is that the painter "empathy" for research object, and thus gain a "presence" of academic research. Art custom oil painting criticism and research if only wise rational and objective investigation, it can be difficult to realize to that kind of "adventure" of the soul found thriller with the cheap oil painting spirit of ecstasy. A open-minded and discerning woman painter, painting research should have more obvious advantages, as ", the advocacy of the same gender, are more likely to touch as the research object of the young women that inner life rhythm, more can realize its life experience the wonders of life and survival plight - the watchman happiness series where shows the painter.
Xu ying in the painting is not very rich in philosophy, but independent, free, subtle and value concept as the basic spirit of modernity throughout. Xu ying, as a researcher already stood quite highly, has gained a new perspective, to realize the depiction of realistic characters, more abundant connotation hidden behind the effectively cutting out here.
If the line is able to bring aesthetic feeling to people
So, ink leveling can bring vitality to line
Is the line feeling picture represent
Therefore, shade fitting for ink blending is the soul of the image
Ink leveling is a low-key luxuriant, is a kind of memory across time. Xu ying in the scene, sedate black, white, hope lost ash. Low profile of the three kinds of color, explained the subtle heart go all the way from a young age. No matter how colorful makeup she looks change, no matter she dress is how rich profusion seven days a week, but time is long, finally you will always find, in the millions of iraqis color appearance, there is always such a small corner of the heart, not to tell anyone about the secret, given secret desires and bluntly honest to dream. Only the colors that are unseen, is her psychological variation never change note in the melody. Xu ying is that flowed out of the elegant, and rational restraint and forbear, complex and tolerance.
After long-term professional training, xu ying free rein in a self appearance modelling techniques, to create a new form, the image characteristic of the modern figure painting style. And this must absorb the knowledge of anatomy, etc, will be realistic and objective subjective disconnection of Chinese painting. We from her "happy watchman", "ambiguous" and so on works, can really feel the harmonious blend of eastern and western art charm, realize the artist's painting skills and ideas. His works the watchman happiness # 3 as an example, the charming ink figure, the modelling of the traditional painting and modern life image closely, vague dream scenario, the moral of evolution is very heavy and complicated, reached the extremely high realm, all moved by the young heart in not clear.
The watchman happiness series from female intuition experience, through the rational, have new discovery. Painter picture appeared by a single women, under the various environmental factors of uncertain events, highlights a real state, is a modern society no hiding of anxiety, confusion, and the metaphorical expression of sense of self is broken. Mutual affinity, is between subject and object, brings deep character moments and observe deep texture, is a fictional and fresh life soul touching the paper. In some images, artists appear to be sharp, the premise of the various relations by love freedom, painter although with comfortable lusty out of this state, the but again is hitting the viewer's mind deeply, this makes the painter and the viewer reached a "please protect always close feeling" idealized "separated" state.
In xu ying's solo exhibition "vague happiness" preface to have such a words: "if all available languages clearly stated, I will lose the direction of happiness 

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