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Hand paintied oil painting is close to international top art market
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Hand paintied oil painting is close to international top art market
From China digital oil painting wholesale good results in recent years, it is easy to see that Chinese oil painting with strong potential oil market also gradually clear. Every Chinese painting field now form their own size and portrait painting pattern, many excellent artists have a certain market recognition, become a gold-lettered signboard.
Chinese art prices soaring is abnormal, the west by the end of the 19th century a gallery, to the auction house, to come through a long period oil painting reproductions of time, and we have experienced a few years time, from no to have, by painting neglected until now, this is not normal. And the reasons for this problem is the wholesale oil painting lack of private collection of asymptotic and collection class, history in ancient China, there is a collection, but the basic belongs to the royal collection. Western too custom oil painting before the royal collection, then enter the capitalist society, the entrepreneur collection, collection and middle class, they are developed step by step, gradually handmade oil painting(digital oil painting wholesale price) is by the low price to the price now, this is the same with economic development, while the Chinese don't have this,cheap oil painting just suddenly to such a high price, is not very scientific.
At present our country domestic hot oil painting, launched a series of special performance, for your selection. Landscape painting as a big branch, in the current oil painting has very broad prospects. Drawing childe digital paintings wholesalers, according to the landscape painting is the natural scenery as the object of portray, with oil painting materials in painting creation is called landscape paintings. Early landscape paintings is not independent, but appear as the background of the figure painting. Until after the Renaissance of the 16th century, landscape painting oil painting as an independent genre painting in Europe.
On the international status, China oil painting not as good as traditional Chinese painting that sought. As China YouHuaJie leading figure, JinShangYi's 60 years rarely had a large exhibition, held in national art museum of China in 2005, only had a big solo exhibition. The exhibition is JinShangYi solo in more than 60 years had the second large exhibition. "I draw very slowly and very few paintings, and a lot of work to the art gallery but didn't work, also don't want to do." For the opportunities of the exhibition, digital oil painting wholesale believe that last year had visited dongguan, sent to the raccoon city gallery exhibition invitation, kindness with insistent, and see the gallery professional level is very high, decided to lingnan had in my life the second exhibition. 

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