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Hoffman said rhubarb duck inspiration from the museum to see oil paintings
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Hoffman said rhubarb duck inspiration from the museum to see oil paintings

Before completion of the Hong Kong way of "rhubarb duck" was alive world caused bouts of "boom" duck. Yesterday, the father of rhubarb duck, the Netherlands famous artist Florence ty for hoffman in Beijing, and Beijing design week domestic chest formally signed, and issued rhubarb duck will xuan xiangguo the moon this year. Painting hoffman and design week together deal with N on rhubarb duck "legend" one more "disinformation".
A legend: rhubarb duck not hoffman original?
Hoffman of rhubarb duck was born in 2007, since then, Mr Hoffman will bring his mountains from Amsterdam QiDing, successively visited Germany nuremberg paintings, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and other 13 cities in 10 countries. In rhubarb duck hot after Hong Kong, however, has the media questioned said, rhubarb duck is not original hoffman.
Resistance to heat, a cargo ship set sail from China in 1992, and through quiet calm quiet ocean to Washington state in the United States, but on the way to touch the paintings to the strong storm, a container full of 29000 bath toys, crashed into the sea and rupture within the yellow ducks floating on the surface of the reviews,portrait painting formed a macro strong "duck zones of fleet", from the larger foe. Appeared openly, hoffman, the inspiration of my dogs in a oil painting picture to see the credit in the ducklings coachmen painting workers.
Legend 2: rhubarb duck has traveled everywhere around the world?
With "rhubarb duck" after the arrival of "orgasm" duck, its enormous commercial Iliad also coveted by voluminous half mechanization, in local oil painting reproductions ZhiShi some have sprung up in cities but also form different replica of yellow duck.
"Painting June 1" children's day alone, after various versions of the finished product to flush at the same time in hangzhou, wuhan, tianjin, chongqing, handmade oil painting and other cities, permanent, "shanzhai rhubarb duck" full of the line of sight of people.
The hoffman told performance couldn't, "stolen grotto rhubarb duck" completely in his surprise, "I don't want to too much criticism to painting the development, but Hong Kong is a rhubarb duck made its debut in China, and rhubarb duck that show the second officer in China are not necessarily in Beijing, the other is' genuine '."
Myth 3: rhubarb duck and "power nap" version?
Rhubarb duck visiting Hong Kong have appeared "leak", canvas hoffman show how to test, after Posting is now encountered a typhoon in Hong Kong, worried that rhubarb duck were injured. Online then exposes a photo of rhubarb duck "close your eyes", is a has a low profile suspicious a two versions on rhubarb duck in Hong Kong.
 hoffman, the image is only for the painting skills in thinking and create a "standby" version of drawings, also didn't really make things. So, visiting Beijing rhubarb duck need "standby" version? "I think the weather in Beijing should not problems, so don't demand other package."
Myth 4: rhubarb duck will appeared "nobles park"?
Oil painting hoffman has a harsh on my Chinese cinquefoil herb manufacturing workmanship requirements, each yellow duck past teachers must outgoing production in tour city or region, according to the situation of across and sky conditions of touts, each the size of the b mills and external structure light division.
In field test of the north sea, houhai, yuyuantan, h and canvas garden later, hoffman has not yet finalized show location, and the pretreating predicted per-acre yields "park" etc is not solid volume. Design week leaked about nowadays mobile warfare, rhubarb duck show location should within 3rd ring surface of the lake, and the height of the rhubarb duck larger at about 10 meters.
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