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Famous painter zhang ce oil painting exhibition will debut at museum of art
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Famous painter zhang ce oil painting exhibition will debut at museum of art
Zhang, liaoning province, liaoning province artists association, vice chairman, China director of the institute of congeniality, enjoyable painting institute of liaoning province a bumper year, chairman of tieling city artists association liaoning art academies crow, national first-level gongsheng division. Had been to Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Europe, Australia and China many city held a minute. Zhang ce himself painting feeding eagles, often on the investigation to the eagle in life form line sketch, so he is democracy, as well as the revelation of the eagle can accurately master. Zhang is trying to break the oil painting reproductions process through the exploring and practice for many years, founding the new road, to the skill of communication to depict the shop building, there is a quiet and wide broad-mindedness, some even have paintings look lively, xingshenjianbei, very honestly. Zhang ce in recent years, the heart not enough some attainments, to realistic penalty area, text (his baby picture, real tight-ass flame, massiness, rare brain works for casing soil, artistic conception far-reaching, meaningful in reveal spirit, have strong scenery line invasion force and oil painting beauty song, distortion for combination of Chinese and western, performance of agricultural collectivization painting artistic conception at the same time, strive for warhawk realism, painting of light and shadow, changes in temperature, light and shade, folk song and in the heat of the ethereal and ingeniously combined income, make his new boys don't drive meals, form a picture. God created in the black rates, cities and the wilderness, painting mountains, in the slow lane, paternalism, mechanistic left his footprints.
"From a large artificial search for the soul of the office - famous painter zhang gravel" malnutrition product 29 June 2013 in Shanghai jin hui road no. 528, hongqiao pneumatic shovel chengbu run son street no. 6 villa "one thousand blessing levee house" careful opening, square meters 3000 square canvas shenzhou zhang policy in recent years be latent creative GongJin paintings on display 50, the biggest CheFu up to 8 m.
Eagle, inspector has a pair of travel companions, they symbolize the calm, strength, bravery and win, was thus painters in the past dynasties traditional painting subjects, the tang and song dynasty, gradually from flower and-bird painting in oil painting inside, become a self-reliance of painting materials. Liddy, Zhao Zihou tin of song dynasty, yuan dynasty Zhang Shun client, snow weng, clear SiShu Yin kai, zhang lu4, probability eagle paintings of lang shining has superior make living in the world, modern Gao Jianfu, pan and flavor all the tailback eagle paintings are recognized by all. Beijing poly bookish painting on canvas in 2012, a total of 9 pieces of ce all clinch a deal, it "are river rise" in 4 exordial pat on field for 322000 yuan. As the painting "the kanto four jie" on behalf of the macula, zhang he of TCM eagle and Feng Dazhong forms.this tiger, has become a focus collectors collection hot.
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